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Published by the developers of Angry bird. Battle Bay is a real-time 5 on 5 sea battle mobile game where players from all over the world come together and fight for their team’s victory. The game is available on both iOS and Android, however only in selected regions as listed.

Currently available in: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Iceland, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

Each match in the game pretty much ends in a couple of minutes, so it’s a good casual game for all. Of course, if you plan on going hardcore for the league, you may do so as well by playing lots and lots of matches. Quest are also available for you to get more rewards to upgrade your boat and  crew.

Building your boat

Battle Bay boat classes

It may seem all easy, just battling in the 5V5 sea. However the only way to get stronger is thoroughly strategize your gameplay, as well as building your boat efficiently.

You will get access to boat classes. As a starter, you start off with Shooter. While advancing onwards in the game, you will unlock various other boat classes such as Speeder, Enforcer, Defender, and Fixer. Each with their own unique gear slots for various functions.

Gear slots are colored as Red, Yellow,Blue and Green. Attack, Utilities, Defence, and repairs as accordingly to the colors.
The different boat classes are generally spec-ed to your own style, aggressive, defensive, or support. After which, you will build your cannons and utilities on your boat.

Not just the boat! The crew too!
Battle Bay Crew

Not only do you have to just upgrade or modify your boat to your needs, you will also be able to train the various ‘crews’ which have talents to make you much stronger as well. currently there are 10 characters that are unlockable for you to use.



Not doin it alone!

Guilds are available for you to create or join in Battle Bay. You can play together with your friends or guildmates in this very game.  An incentive for you is that there are rankings, or rather league where you can challenge to get higher and obtain rewards base on your infamy.




Some tips for you before you embark on your journey to the top of the league in Battle Bay!

• Always keep moving during battle. A stationary boat is an easy target for your enemy
• allow your crosshair to auto-snap onto your enemy boats, once it turns green, it’s almost a 100% hit!
• Fusing similar items gives a combo bonus. This is the most efficient way to level up your items.
• Nitro is great for dodging mortar shells.
• Fixer is the only ship that can equip green items.
• Waves can intercept airborne projectiles.
• Bandage is the only repair item that can be equipped to any ship.
• You can cancel a shot by tapping the screen with another finger.
• When a crewmember gains a level, new talents are unlocked and must be activated.
• You can always retrain your crew talents but it takes one hour per talent.
• Do not waste training time! Keep a crewmember training at all times.
• You can upgrade your ship to increase attributes and gain item slots.
• Fusing allows you to destroy unwanted items to improve another item.
• When an item reaches top level, you can evolve it to keep improving it.

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