Battle Bay Worldwide Released


Rovio, the creator of the famous Angry Birds, is thrilled to present a new real-time five versus five (5vs5) multiplayer game – available now on iOS and Android worldwide. Developed internally by Rovio, Battle Bay is the latest gem in Rovio’s stellar games portfolio.

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Battle Bay features

•    Real-time multiplayer in the palm of your hand
•    Form guilds and battle real players in 5vs5 team based battles
•    Fleet up with a friend and destroy the enemy
•    Five unique ship classes and ten crew members to fit different play styles
•    Over 30 different items for players to collect, upgrade and master
•    Acquire new weapons and items for ship upgrades
•    Chat with your friends and guild mates to plan winning strategies

The seas have risen, and the characters of Battle Bay are fighting for survival. Players must assemble in teams of five to challenge opposing teams in a last-boat-floating, real-time multiplayer showdown. With the opportunity to customize ships and train their crew, players can make their ship their own, while chatting with other team members using an in-game communication system.

Battle Bay marks a lot of firsts for Rovio, being its first real-time competitive multiplayer game, its first game entirely in 3D third person perspective, and the first time showing the Battle Bay IP with its beautiful world and mysterious characters.


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