Clash of Dawn Pre-registration now available


Pre-registration for Clash of Dawn UJOY now available

Clash of Dawn, published by UJOY is an upcoming new Action RPG mobile game that is themed in fantasy and dark style. The game will be available on both Android and iOS devices in early January 2017. The game will be in dual languages, English and Chinese. Pre-registration is available and you will be able to obtain in-game rewards and even an Apple Watch that could be won.

The storyline of the mobile game has also been reveal prior to the game launch in January.

‘‘Darkness is invading the whole continent. Who can welcome the light of dawn?
People have fought with the Soul Army for thousands of years with the leading of Holy Lord. While Holy Lord fell in to the Soul World overnight which aroused much fear. During the massive wars among different forces of human, the Holy Lord turned into the Immortal of the Soul Army, burned the Dimensional Boundary and ordered Dark Soul to invade the continent of human.
At this moment, all forces of human realized that they have to be united. They build a force called The Mourner. The mission of the Mourner is to revive the Death Holy Sword and defeat the Immortal of the Soul Army. Our world is going to be swallowed by the darkness. Are you willing to join the Mourner and welcome the dawn’s light for hopeless people?’’

Some of the features includes the following:

  • Amazing graphics will immerse you into a breathing world.
    The graphics rival those of the latest generation of games. Experience the world change around you as you complete your journey!
  • Compete on Five various Battlefields. Get Ready to Fight!
    Enjoy battles filled with thousands of players from around the world. Battlefields include the Army Battlefield, Sect Battlefield, Guild Battlefield, Monster Battlefield, and Team Battlefield.
  • Dual-Talent system. Switch your talents randomly.
    The traditional fantasy formula is broken by bringing players the Artisan. The Artisan is joined by the Warrior, Mage, and Knight in the classes players can choose. The Artisan is good at shooting and long distance jumping.
    Each class has 2 different paths to take for your character. Each path also has 2 different talent sets. That means 4 classes will have 16 possible combinations for you to master. Plan your character’s development well and ready yourself!

Ujoy is a game developer and publisher specializing in free-to-play mobile games and giving players outstanding gaming experience. The company has in-house development teams that work closely with other game designers in order to gain a wide appeal to players from Southeast Asia and some other English Spoken countries. Ujoy’ growing portfolio includes hits like Loong Craft, Eternal Crusade, Spririt of Fox Wonderland and Chaos Combat.

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