Crusaders Quest x King of Fighter Crossover


Crusaders Quest x KOF ’98’

Exceeding 19 million downloads, Crusaders Quest the linear RPG has been a hit since launch. The game has been updating with new features and mechanics from a very basic RPG to a very complex and content-rich adventure line. The game is available both on iOS and Android since 2014. You may find the download link below if you haven’t played this game before!

The latest update being the KOF ’98’ crossover has Crusaders quest bringing in the popular competitive fighting games created by Japanese Company SNK. ‘KOF’ 98 features characters from popular games and class action games. One of its many signatures includes the 3:3 fighting mode. Not only just a game, KOF’s popularity has inspired live action and animated films, including television adaptations as well.

The Crusaders Quest X KOF ’98’ event will run for 2 weeks from December 15th to 29th. Players will be able to summon 6 different KOF heroes from the collaboration contract. The 6 heroes include ‘Kyo Kusanagi’, ‘Iori Yagami’, ‘Billy Kane’, and ‘Chizuru Kagura’.

Along with the collaboration heroes, their Soulbound Weapons will be included as well. These Soulbound weapons, such as the ‘Kusanagi Sword’, ‘Yasakani Jewel’, ‘Three Section Staff’, and ‘Yata Mirror,’ will match each hero. When the player obtains a hero, the matching Soulbound weapon will be sent to their mailbox automatically.


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