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Dawn of Titans is a new game that has been recently been officially released globally. Players are immersed in the breathtaking world where they will be able to build their own kingdom, wage war with strong foes and compete with friends in this real-time strategy mobile game all at the palm of their hand. The game features a rich lore that is inspired by fantasy world along with medieval eras.To help you understand the lay of the land in Dawn of Titans, here is a helpful game guide that will pave your journey.


The Economy

Experience Points (XP):Experience Points (XP) can be gained by completing tasks and quests in the game. Once you gain a certain amount of XP, your level will increase. Leveling up allows you to unlock new upgrades, buildings and new areas in the game.
Victory Points (VP): Victory Points (VP) are needed to move up in the Dawn of Titans Leagues. You can gain VP by raiding other players, or by capturing a land that generates VP points over time. You have to harvest VP from lands that generate it, just like you do with your Farm and Market.
Portal Stones: These a resources that allow your army to warp to different lands. Attacking a Land or City will use Portal Stones, which slowly regenerate over time.
Relics: You can earn free Relics, boosts that help your Kingdom, in battle or in the Relic Temple. You can also pay for more powerful ones in the Relic Temple using in-game currency you purchase.
Gold: This is a resource that can be collected from farms, obtained through raids and can be bought in the shop. Its main use is to help craft spells, level-up spells and upgrade buildings.
Food: A resource that can be collected from Farms, obtained through raids and bought in the shop. Its main use is to train troops, level up troops, repair Relics and Fuse Titans.
Builders: The workforce that expands and maintains your empire. You can construct or upgrade one building at a time for every builder owned.


The Titans

What are Titans:  Titans battle alongside us in a world of warring factions and Kingdoms.  Titans belong to five factions – Human, Unak, Elithen, Mossmane and Ragnaro. To increase the level and strength of your Titans, make sure you’re using them in battle. As they fight they’ll earn Titan XP. Once a Titan has full Titan XP, go to the Hall of Titans to train them.
How do I get more Titans: At the very start of the game you will receive your first Titan. You can gain additional Titans by winning battles or going to the Relic Temple for a chance to win or buy rare Titans.


The Epic Battles

Battling Players: In Dawn of Titans, your goal is to become the most powerful Kingdom by battling other players and increasing the reach of your empire to earn Victory Points. Battling other players will cost Portal Stones.
Alliances: You can get a glimpse of the world beyond your Kingdom when you reach Castle Level 3. Enter this expansive realm and start gathering Victory Points. When you’ve gathered 2,000 VP, Alliances will welcome you.
The Troops: In order to prepare for battle you are going to need Troops. The troops are the parts of your army that you train. There are many types of units that can be trained. The Humans have the Militia, Arches and Spearman. There are also the deadly Unak Grenadiers, the noble Elithen Pikemen, the mighty Ragnar Goliaths, and the agile Mossmane Panthers. You can train your troops at the Barracks in your Kingdom.


Your Kingdom

Creating your Kingdom: At the heart of your Kingdom, is your Castle, a symbol of power. You will need to produce a strong and productive Kingdom if you wish to defeat enemy forces. To do this, you need to expand your City, upgrade your Castle, gain resources from buildings and train up a mighty army. Increasing your Castle Level will make your Castle and Kingdom grow more powerful, earn you XP, unlock new upgrades and buildings, and help you become more powerful in battle.
Raiding and capturing: As the ruler of your Kingdom, you’ll have to decide whether to Raid or Capture land. Raiding allows you to steal resources from others without claiming the land as your own. Capturing land also earns your resources, and puts the land under your control where it’ll generate future resources. Shields protect land from being raided, and can be purchased to temporarily deflect enemy attackers.


Global Language Support

Dawn of Titans supports the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish and Danish.

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