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Dawn of Titans Begins

Dawn of Titans is a real time action strategy mobile game that is developed by Zynga’s UK-based studio, NaturalMotion. The game was officially released on 8th December 2016 worldwide. The game is made available for both iOS and Android users. You can find the Download link below! The game is Free to Play but contains IAPs.

Dawn of Titans features an original storyline and lore that draws its inspiration from fantasy worlds and medieval eras.  You will be able to experience breathtaking 3D graphics that runs on NaturalMotion proprietary in-house design engine technology. These tools brings the world of Dawn of Titans to life, giving the Titans a very dynamic and authentic movement while rendering thousands of troops that can be controlled on your mobile screen.

Dawn of Titans Gameplay Dawn of Titans Gameplay battlefield

You will be able to control various formidable titans and lead your kingdom to victory with just the swipe and taps deploying and maneuvering. It is not just about the strategies on the field, your kingdom plays a part in the growth of your troops. For instance you have to build and organize your kingdom as they produce food and  barracks.

Various troops can be trained to fight for your kingdom such as the Militias, Archers, Spear men and many more. Ally with friends and alliances as you ascend through the leader board to be the contriver.
“Our goal with Dawn of Titans is to deliver a ‘wow’ experience to global audiences that pushes the creative and technical boundaries of what’s possible on phones and tablets,” said Torsten Reil, CEO of NaturalMotion. “We pride ourselves on creating emotional realism in our games and inventing immersive worlds for players to explore and get lost in. With Dawn of Titans, consumers get true strategy and depth of game play, combined with the short play sessions and fast social connectivity that are made for mobile gaming. I am proud of the work our team did to develop something unique and special for players and truly innovative for Action Strategy category fans.”

Dawn of Titans is made available in multiple languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Norwegian.

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