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About half a year ago, I set out on a journey into the vast world of the World Wide Web. It began with a friend of mine, who actually thought of an idea for us to do what we loved to. The niche of mobile game. We started planning and deciding on what we could and what we would do in the future of our little project.

It was really easy to just think and plan about it. Then came the execution phase. Initially I thought it was all easy and ‘press to go’. I was wrong, it was more than just that. I started researching into digital marketing in order to know how to publicize our little project.

We started off with a website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram after we came out with our project name and planning. Yes, it was truly easy to start up, but with the bare minimum and knowledge of what this huge digital space has to offer. I just dived head-in. It was a really good experience for me than to actually find courses that teach you how to do ‘digital marketing’. Although courses like that does help me along my way, the truth is that it was just the scratch of the surface in the ever-changing digital world. The digital space moves at a very fast rate and sometimes you probably think you are updated to everything, but the fact is that you might be lacking 1 or 2 step behind. Digital space is a truly dangerous area if you have just started treading on it. Here are some tips that I feel in my personal opinion that does help you along your way and not to get into the ‘wrong path’ or get cheated.

What I will touch on in this article are: Content Management System, Domain Host, Plugins of WordPress CMS, and the standard Web Search Engine Optimization.


I am pretty sure you are here because you are intending to set up a website or planning to. First thing first, CMS, Content Management System. The most popular CMS currently is definitely WordPress CMS. But don’t fall into the pitfall when you are putting your money in. There are 2 WordPress if you didn’t realize. WordPress.Org and WordPress.Com.


WordPress.com is basically a blogspace. Similar to blogspot.com or Wix or LiveJournal. Of course you are able to purchase a domain under WordPress.com.

The disadvantage in .Com is that, you will never assume full control of your domain. To put it in simple words, You will be unable to see your data files or make full amendments to the html or CSS coding.
Since you are using WordPress CMS, You are probably wondering too where all the plugins are?
Unfortunately for you, .Com restricts the usage of external plugins within it’s own dashboard.
All in all, .Com has major issue with the amount of things you can touch on. So basically, you are just blogging and gets a taste on a little on the design part. Your backend is restricted by .Com


Now .Org is on a whole new perspective level. You gain 100% access controls to both your files and your site. Yes you are able to see your .html and .css files and able to upload, download, and edit the files at your own knowledge.
.Org provides you the standard WordPress files for you to make and design your own website. However, what is not included is the domain host.

Domain Host – refers to a ‘company’ that hosts your files and website so people are able to access it with their web browsers.

Some of the popularly used Domain hosts are: Siteground (international), Vodien (Singapore), Bluehost, Hostgator, and Godaddy.

Since I am using Siteground, I am able to provide you some insights with Siteground. Their support is awesome, I was really a ‘noob’ when I started on domain hosting on my own, With the help of Siteground support live chat, I was able to get my website up and running. The support chat was able to solve at least 99% of my questions and problem (let’s face it no support are able to hit the 100% rate).



Now once, you have gotten your domain host, and website up. The next thing for you to do is probably to install the plugins to make your site function and secured.

The standard plugins would definitely be Yoast SEO, Akismet, Wordfence, etc. The Plugins are what you call ‘assistants’. To help you optimize and secure your site.

The various plugins will help you lessen and simplify your workload on analyzing, and also to craft out the ‘best’ content that you can publish in order to get your webpage out.

Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization

The most commonly used SEO for content writing. Refering to the image, you can see the 2 little green dots. It represents the Readability, and the SEO of the webpage (post). Yoast SEO makes it simple for you. Get the 2 dots to green. And generally it will help with the traffic and views of that specific post.
In my experience the past months, I have analyzed that with the 2 green Dots, the post are ‘well-spreaded’ over time, compared to those with red and orange dots.

Search Engine Optimizing



WordFence overview

WordFence is basically a ‘protection’ tool that you can use to secure your site better.

For example, they have a live traffic board, where you can actually see who or what is accessing which pages of your domain. You can then choose to block them if you feel that they are a threat to you.

It has however very common to see bot accessing your WordPress login page. One of the most typical term you probably have heard of is ‘brute force’. Where bot uses a program to spam passwords to get into your account. You will have less worries about that.
Let me give you an example, I receive an email whenever someone logs into my site. Therefore, if my site is compromised I would know immediately.

WordFence Live Traffic

The standard Webpage optimization

Now notice that to optimize your page, there are certain things that you should not be missing out. The information stands accurate for 2016/2017.

First off, you should probably know what is webpage optimization/SEO. One of the term use in Digital Marketing for website is SEM, which SEO falls inside it. I would consider SEO and SEM separately, as one is purely on a more organic term, while the other requires financial input.

SEO here, means to optimize your page more organically, instead of putting money into it. It might be a long stretch before you see some progress on your website, but well, it’s ‘free’.

‘spiders’ crawls through your webpage to index it on the google database, and that is where your webpage will come out when people search for the certain keywords.

To optimize a page, you will need to have the following edited nicely to fit the theme/title of the page.

Page Title

Your title should be relevant to the content, and the niche of your site.  Ensure that it is not too long (50 characters) You may use some separation character to split the title. Such as using |.
E.G: Pokemon Go Review | Gamersaur | Mobile games

Each of the page can be optimize to
target a specific keyword.
Apart from the title, you will need to describe the page, typically around 160 characters long)


Page Content

I have recently came to realize that Page Content is what I would consider the most powerful in SEO.
You may see that you can optimize your webpage with Title and Description. However, I have done some research and found that the content also helps in google search. Therefore. You would want to make sure your content is ‘powerful’ enough to make the impact.

Some advice I can offer you is that:

  • Content should be focused and relevant to your product/services/theme of that webpage.
    • Make sure you have a really rich content, 1000 word is what I would consider the most optimal.
    • Have images! Yes google not only search words, sometimes images help with your traffic too.
    • Do not overuse targeted keyword. They should be in the range of about 2% of the content. You may use synonyms though or rephrasing the variant.
    • Never ever copy. Always try to write your own unique content. Although I have experienced that sometimes certain information can’t be change, but you may try to rephrase it as much as you can.

URL slug

The slug helps with google search too, try to keep it short so it looks nicer!
E.G: https://gamersaur.com/alien-path-review/
instead of https://gamersaur.com/11-02-2017/review/alien-path-review/

Images and alt-text

As mentioned, images helps when users search on the search engine.
You probably would want to keep the image size small, like <100kb so that users loads faster which is more efficient for them.
Alternate text (Alt-text) helps ‘spiders’ to make sense of the images (crawlers crawls your site in text form).
And of course the alt-text must be relevant to the image.

Although the impact of the individual parts or whole might not really visible, but always have the habit to set all these things right. It’s like, would you prefer to have a clean house? Or a messy house?

I believe that this are just a small amount of starting information towards a website, and digital marketing. There is more information that I have not cover such as Social Media Marketing for example. I hope to do so in the near future.

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