Dragon Chronicles Beginner Guide for Dummies!


Dragon Chronicles Beginner Guide for dummies

Dragon Chronicles begins by telling a story of Dark and Light in the world of Shultain. The game definitely does not start off on a good foot as the goddess lost her power and the world being decimated by the Demon God. The Story line definitely came off strong to enforce the Stage Crawler, however what catches on to my attention was the unique feature of Loot Raiding and Arena. As a player who loves to PvP more than PvE, the modes have done it right to capture my attention. Download the game here!

You will take on the role as part of the team with the goddess in this story in order to ward off the dark powers in the world of Shultain. What contradicts in this mobile game though, is that you will be fighting fellow players who are also on the same team if you were to think about it a little. Raiding other player’s castle to grow your own and yet at the same time fighting for the same causes, but of course it is fun nevertheless.

So how do you get stronger? Here’s some tips for you!

As you start on a fresh journey, a tutorial will guide you along in the game on what you can do. But what it doesn’t teach you is the perilous journey you are embarking on. Let us guide you to the road of success!

Buildings are important!

Dragon Chronicles buildings

Yes, Upgrade every one of them the buildings! Every building plays a part for you in the game.
For Example, The Armor Store will provide you with better armors for your heroes along the way so they won’t be defeated easily should you encounter tough battles along the way. Upgrading the buildings not only provides you with gears but a sense of protection of your own Capital. At Level 8, all players would unlock the Looting feature.

Dragon Chronicles building Stats

By upgrading your building, you will also be increasing it’s Attack, Defense power and its integrity (HP). This is one way to stop enemies from successfully invading your capital.
Upgrading the buildings will also give you higher yield to the resources


Heroes Heroes Heroes

It’s definitely a must to be upgrading your heroes constantly to face the dangers from the PvE actions and PvP Actions. All Heroes are upgradable in a few aspects. Enhancement, Evolve, and Skill.


Dragon Chronicles Enhancement
Enhancement simply increases your Hero’s base stats up, making them stronger.


Dragon Chronicles Hero Evolve
A Hero is able to evolve to become stronger as well, Evolving them also allows their base stats to be increased.


Dragon Chronicles Weapon
Each Hero will be able to equip 3 gears, Weapon, Armor, and Accessories. The Gears provides atk, defence and HP and bonus attributes to the Hero.

Arm your buildings!

Dragon Chronicles Hero Management

If you take a look into each buildings, you will see that you are able to put heroes into the building. Make Sure you do that as they will be the guards of the buildings if you get raided.


Join a Guild!

Dragon Chronicles Guild

Guild are always useful in every single game! In Dragon Chronicles, you will get Buffs from the guild which will increase you base stats of your heroes. You will also be able to purchases certain goods from the guild Store as well
Other functions such as Guild Trials, Guild Raid are also available to assist along your journey to getting stronger in the game. You will be able to join a guild once you reach Level 15.


So This are some of the tiniest tips and trick to becoming stronger in Dragon Chronicles! I Hope this guide for the dummies will help you along in your chronicle!



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