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Crawler and Raider all at the same time with Dragon Chronicles

Dragon Chronicles has just been launched on the Google Play Store and is available for download.  Developed and published by Tapfuns, this mobile game mixes the element of Castle Raiding along with Stage Crawler, making it a unique game with mixed experiences. The game is Free to play but includes In-App Purchases.

The mobile game starts off with a magical and medieval theme story line where the demon lord ‘possesses’ one of the magical being and starts rampaging and decimating capitals after capitals.

Dragon Chronicles Capital

Skipping to the more important point, you will be handling your own little Capital where there will be a Castle, Weapon, Armor, Accessories, Alchemy store, as well as an attribute tower. The buildings will become an important asset for you to defend once you reach level 8 in the game when you unlock Loot Battle.
Prior to Level 8, you will be learning the basics of the game along with a simple tutorial guiding you through the Stage crawler, quests, and other functions in Dragon Chronicles such as Drawing of heroes, equipping, and enhancing of equipment and heroes. When you attain some levels, the tutorial will go on to teach you about building management where you can upgrade your Capital’s buildings and also to put heroes in the building to protect against raiders in the future in the Loot Battle.

Each building also produces various kinds of materials that you will be needing to upgrade your structures for crafting equipment that you can equip in order to clear the stages in the stage crawler.

Loot raiding

Once you reach level 8, the real fun of raiding and occupying other player’s Capital begins. You will be able to raid and occupy other’s capital in order to gain additional resources from their capital.

Gamersaur recommends this game to players who love to level and upgrade heroes for them to thrash their enemies in battle! Casual players are most definitely welcome too as Dragon Chronicles doesn’t really takes up much time since there is an auto function for battle running in the game, all you need to do is set up your heroes, tap the stages and let them clear the stages. You can even sweep the stage once you clear it for faster Keys (Energy) clearing.

The game is at a very fresh and piping hot out of the developer’s oven as it has just been released today! Download and try it out now!


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Tapfuns Game is a mobile gaming company that brings fun and happy times to players worldwide. The company founded in 2012, currently with 300 people working and playing hard to bring you mobile gaming joy!

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