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The Perfect Life in Dream Life

Have you ever thought of becoming a Super Star, a model or a wonderful pet trainer? Well your dream will come true in Dream Life. Developed and published by Netease Games, Dream Life is a Social Simulation Mobile Game that allows you to simulate your toon’s life perfectly.

The game focuses on the life of your character as he/she raise to stardom as a model or perhaps a pet trainer. You decide your character’s life, houses, pets, even life partner. There are multiple things you can do since it’s pretty much a simulation game. Either raising to stardom of being the top rank in talent shows or basically just furnish up your house and having fun with your friends in the game.

Just like in life, there are many aspects in the game would fit into what you do in life. Let me take you on an journey into this Dream Life.
The game has elements of Korean pop culture, such as G-Yong, a Butler who looks sort of like G-Dragon, and the name somewhat resembles G-Dragon, since his real name has a Yong in it too so… Other than Mister G-Yong. You will also be seeing Qian Song Yin and Professor Du and also certain parts of the game that will remind you of the popular K-Drama “My Love from the Star”. Before the topic starts digressing into the world of K-culture, Let us move back into the game of Dream Life.

Dream House


Dream Life House Gamersaur

You will start off with a very small house with a Living room, a Garden area with 3 plots for planting, and a Small room in which you can consider it to be a bed room. The image above is a house that has been upgraded several times before. Therefore as you advance slowly in the game, your house expand together along with your experiences. One day you will be able to build a dream house that you will love living in(Virtually).

Upgrading materials

That being said, Even in the life of a virtual character, Nothing comes for free. In order to expand your houses, or garden, you will be required to have certain resources and skills ready in order to upgrade your house. A Personal experience from me, it won’t be hard to upgrade house as long as you do all the things systematically and uses various functions available in the game such as the Online Shop which will be mentioned later.


Asset and Contacts matters if you want to be famous

If you want to become a very famous person, Asset would and Contacts would really help you advance in the game ranks. In order to gain ranks, you must have a very wealthy profile to compete against the other players in the game who are also trying their best to make it to the top.

Assets includes your House, Furniture, Connections, Pets, Garage, Clothing, and also the Apparels that you wear. Your Asset will be used to evaluate you in talent shows as well as guest visits. The baseline asset of your furniture will give you style points which includes: Cute, Posh, Fresh, Natural, Cozy, and Fashion. To put it simply, Assets is a point system that allows the game to evaluate how good you are in the game.

Dream Life Asset


What are the points for?

Asset points matters in almost every competition that you will face in the game, be it the talent show, or even a love rival. Points are used to ‘defeat’ your opponent by scoring more than them. If you are a competitive player, Asset will be your main goal to be the top player in the game. However, the game is really competitive so to say there are hardcore players who are playing this game just to be sitting on the throne.

Dream Life Talent Show


Did i mention Love Rival?

Just in life, Dream life also simulates love relationships. Players may get together to become friends, lovers, and eventually get married in the game. After getting married, certain features unlock for the couple such as the Cohabitation house, where they will be able to build a house together. How wonderful would it be to be able to play a game together and bond together via your mobile devices (which everyone eyes are on every single day of their life because of the digital age).
Dream Life Wedding

Marriage in Dream Life

The Marriage of Gary Chin and ELyssa


What’s fun without cute pets!

If you can’t rear a pet in real-life, fret not! You will be able to have pets in the game! Along with the cuddly and lovely pets that you will be able to live with, you may also choose to become a pet trainer to grow and groom your pets more. Eventually you might even become the champion in the Pet Contest!

Dream Life Pet


Gamersaur Personal Experience on Dream Life

Overall, Dream Life is a social simulation mobile game that was developed with detailed content. It is suitable for players who are aged 18 and above, as certain content in the game are not made for minors for example the Casino System, and also the Marriage system.
The game is a little complicated to understand at first. But once you get the hang of the game such as knowing what you need to do daily, you will be able to absorb the game very fast and become an adept player of Dream Life.
The game is highly recommended for casual players, and simulation lovers. The game though has a lot of players who are from the Chinese region and tend to converse in mandarin, however the game overall runs on a English context.


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