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Durango Limited Beta has official started! If you’ve pre-registered for the game, you should have a code to access the beta version of the game. The official game limited beta test is available to download on Google Play Store right now. You may find the download link at the bottom of this page.

The game will be made available :14th Dec 2016 ~ 5th Jan 2017 (GMT)
In order to participate, you must claim the beta keys from the following link: http://durango.nexon.com/en
For iOS Users, There will only be up to 2,000 player slots on a first come first served basis.
iOS users, please check your e-mail for the Test Flight invitation. At 23:00 PST/7:00 AM GMT a separate e-mail with instructions to use Test Flight will be sent.

The open world journey

Durango is an Open-world survival game that encompasses living with dinosaurs and others whom got warped in into the world of Durango.
You will begin your way on a train, Choose your beginning character as a Student, Office Worker, Attendant, Soldier, or others. Each of the occupation will give you a special skill at the beginning, such as the farmer, having level 10 in farming.

Durango Character choosing

After Choosing your character you will move towards the food cabin and learn how to consume food. Soon after, the train will be hit by the strange weather and of course you will encounter your very first battle with the dinosaur on the cabin. The mechanics of battling will be taught to you in this tutorial before you warped into the land of Durango where you will be resuscitated.

Durango Combat Basic

More about the game will be taught to you step by step such as gathering of materials and also crafting various weapons or tools to aid you in your survival.Durango CraftingDurango Gathering

Along the way, ‘quests’ and goals will help you define your way into the game. As you assist in crafting a raft to set off onto your own journey in Durango… The real adventure begins.

Are you ready to take a step forward and survive in this harsh environment?

Download Link
Google Play Store

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