Nexon’s Durango Pre-registration now live


Durango pre-registration is now live

The most recent gaming event G-Star 2016 that happened at Busan,Korea had Nexon Showcasing their upcoming games. And one of their title is Durango. The publisher has also just announced for the pre-registration of the game as well on their social media page.

Limited Beta Test begins: 13th Cecember 2015 – 4th January 2017

To pre-register for the game, simply head to their webpage and then select your device choice Android or iOS. Then insert your email address for the publisher to send you a direct download link. Additionally, you will be given a string of numbers, so do remember to screen-cap or write it down somewhere as you will be needing it when you play the game.

Durango Pre-registration Email for ios and Android

The registration will end on December 13th at 7:00AM(PST)/ 3:00PM(GMT) and only up to 2,000 iOS users will be able to participate in the pre-registration. The Recommended device specifications for the game is also given as follows: Android OS 4.0.3 or higher, iOS9 or higher (iPhone 5S, iPad Mini Retina or higher).

About Durango game-play

Durango is a open-world MMO, survival style mobile RPG game. You are time warped into the prehistoric age and challenged to survive and build their communities with other players. You will be provided with a unique experience in this open world with survival, exploration, society construction as well as hunting in this game.

About Developer/Publisher
Eun Seok Yi is a Game Director of What!Studio, Nexon. He had previously developed other game titles such as Mabinogi and Vincidctus, and now with Durango being his current developing game title. Nexon Co., Ltd. is a global developer and publisher of free-to-play PC and mobile online games. Kim Jung Ju and Jake Song founded Nexon in Seoul in 1994. Nexon headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan.


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