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Fans of Dynasty Warrior will soon be able to play their favorite Musou game on their mobile phones pretty soon! Dynasty Warriors Unleashed, published by Nexon. The Pre-registration is available, and you may register here.

Register now and you can obtain a 3-star hero, along with 1,000 ingot, 200,000 coins and some Baozi (yum yum!!) worth $29.99.

Dynasty Warrior Unleash register reward

You will be able to collect and enhance over 80 officers from the Dynasty Warriors series. They each comes with unique skills and abilities.  You will also be able to relive the historic battles, including the battle at Changban Bridge and the Battle of Guandu.

The game will have the standard mobile game controls,however the gameplay will be very much similar to what you play in Dynasty Warriors on the other platforms.
Several modes will be available such as Skirmish, Boss Fight, Raid, War Supply, and Conquest.
Each mode have their various purpose in the game. Such as:
Skirmish where you will be able to battle in real time with up to 4 players.
Boss Fight where you will be able to jump in and raid the boss with your friends.
Raid, where you will steal fragments fro your opponents.
War Supply is where you will be able to occupy and acquire resources from the mines.
Conquest, where you will compete against other players to take control of the map.


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Nexon Co., Ltd. is a South Korean video game company. It services around 100 titles in over 190 countries. Nexon was founded in Seoul in 1994 by Kim Jung Ju and Jake Song. Nexon headquarters is in Tokyo, Japan.

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