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Review: Endless Frontier

You might or might not have heard about this mobile game as it has been out for quite awhile now. Developed and published by Ekkor, Endless Frontier is an idle RPG that is available for your mobile devices. Unlike typical idle games, Endless Frontier has much more to offer to you than you can imagine.

I shall begin with the basics of Endless Frontier, which is dungeon running. as always idle games comes in stages, the same goes for this mobile game. However what is different is that there is no fix team for you to upgrade. Instead you will be able to form your own team and equipment as you go along in this game.

You might want to read this if you are thinking if you should play this game:

The game is literally Free to Play. Why would I say that? Well these game actually runs on Ads, that is for sure. But they also give out diamonds (In-game currency) free to you. i believe i’ve gotten over 10k diamonds free within a week from the game itself. However if you are thinking of hastening your pace, there are of course In-app Purchases that you can buy. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend buying them because since it’s an idle game. You can practically just play the game slowly and get the diamonds free.

Although the game does not present you with awesome Unreal Engine 4 graphics, it still has the cuteness pixels warriors fighting for you! and let’s face it, there isn’t any unreal engine 4 idle RPG as of yet either.

Diverse Units

To begin with, the units available for this game comes with various types. Such as the following:

Attack: Magical, Physical
Gender: Male, Female
Race: Human, elf, Undead, Orc
Air attack availability
Cloaking detection function

Now you can see that there are various unit type that will affect your gameplay. Let’s take Medusa as an example.Endless Frontier Medusa
Medusa is an Undead, Female, Physical attack unit (can be seen on the Top right corner). There are  certain monsters that are immune to Magical attack, or can charm Male units. Thus Medusa is best suited to fight against such monsters/bosses. If the unit is physically immune, then Medusa will practically have no damage on that particular unit.

Other than just the attribute types, your units also has differing skills that will aid you in battle along the way. You can see that the skills increases stats such as Attack Power, Critical Strike Damage, Movement Speed, Etc

Other than these, there is also upgrading of units and enhancement which will boost their attack,defense,HP.

Building your own team requires researching on which units is best and also balancing your Magical, and Physical attack as well as to form them depending on dungeons.

Money and resources

Endless Frontier QuestMoney doesn’t just comes from fighting and clearing the stages. You may also upgrade quests that can be automated while you are away from the game to constantly get financial gains from those quests. Note that there are certain quests along the way that actually completes fast and yet at the same time give you a huge amount of reward. An example would be ‘Capture the Red Outland Dragon’ which completes within 10 seconds.


Plate Armor Endless Frontier ArtifactYou won’t just be needing gold, there are also various resources in which you will be require to obtain in order to purchase and upgrade artifacts.

Artifacts are used to boost your units stats further so that you become stronger and make it so you can clear stages further. As you go deeper into Endless Frontier, you will find that there are better artifacts along the way which will greatly boost your units. However just take note that they come with a huge price tag as well. You will get what i mean when you reach there :D.


Raiding NOT alone!

Guild PVP Endless Frontier

You won’t be playing alone the whole time in endless Frontier, There are guilds in which you can join. Guilds then have conquests and raids and PVP where you will battle to be the best! Words can’t really describe what these functions do so let’s take a look at the guild raid video.

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Founded in 2011, Ekkorr is Korea’s leading mobile game developer and its core members are experts in the industry with over 12 years of experience. Ekkorr is composed of a 20 member team; they have developed 6 games so far and have a high understanding in regards to strategy simulation and TCG genre of games. In additional to Tiny Conquerors, the team has some new games under development, one of which is a fantasy tower defense game, and the other a TCG.


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