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Fire Emblem Heroes

First, Mario run. Now, Fire emblem Heroes. Nintendo has did it again Although I wouldn’t consider Miitomo a success, it is without a doubt that Nintendo has successfully brought Fire Emblem Heroes, another of its popular franchise into the mobile arena. So how did Nintendo do it?

1. Pre-Registration on App Store & Google Play Store

Nintendo’s Fire Emblem heroes employed the same exact strategy they did with Mario Run – They made players pre-Registering for the game prior to it’s official launch. It was a smart strategy to hype gamers up to set up the stage for the official launch on 2nd February 2017.

Fire Emblem Heroes Pre-registration

Pre-registering for Fire Emblem Heroes

2. Game Trailers

We’ve all remembered when Kate Upton was the mascot for Machine Zone’s Game of War trailers. Supercell also made countless of cute Hog rider trailers for Clash of Clan. Nintendo did the same thing with Fire Emblem by churning out a beautifully rendered 2.5D trailer of the Kingdom of Askr.

The trailer itself is a testimony of the game’s awesomeness. Period.

3. Cross- Game marketing 

Mario Run x Fire Emblem Heroes

Mario Run rewarded all its players 2,222 coins for the launch of Fire Emblem Heroes. Recall that Super Mario Run garnered 40million downloads within 4 days of the game’s launch – that’s the extent of Nintendo’s in-house marketing effort for Fire Emblem Heroes.


Super Mario Run x Fire Emblem Heroes

It’s a pity I deleted Super Mario Run off my phone. But we have Fire Emblem Heroes now, don’t we?

4. Creating a community via Hashtag #FEheroes

The launch of a new mobile game would usually tie in with an Official  Facebook Page dedicated for the game. This, however, is not the case for Fire Emblem Heroes.


Fan-Made Fire Emblem Heroes Facebook Page instead of creating an Official Facebook page for Fire Emblem, Nintendo employed the usage of hashtags #FEHeroes to connect fans of the game. Four days into the game launch, fans are already spilling in the fan art.

5. Intuitive Gameplay Mechanics

Using a turn-based tactical battle mechanics, players can bring up to 5 heroes into battle. They will then have to move heroes by simply dragging heroes across the battlefield.

The combat system works out similar to a rock-paper-scissors mechanism –there are 3 hero color types, each having an advantage over the other. Weapon type and mount type of heroes will have significant advantages over the others.

Fire Emblem Heroes Hero type

Fire Emblem Heroes – Hero Type

6. Gacha – System

Like every other Japanese games out there (Brave Frontier & Sword Art Online), Fire Emblem uses a gacha system where players use Orbs to summon heroes. These orbs are premium currency which can be obtained by via completing quests or purchasing them with cold hot cash.Fire Emblem Heroes Gacha

Bluntly speaking, this is similar gambling. Nonetheless, the RNG element of the game makes it both thrilling for the F2P, as well as non- P2W to a certain extent.

6. Customizable Characters

Sharena Fire Emblem HeroesPlayers are allowed to customize their heroes based on the skill, abilities and equipment so that no two heroes are the same. This can done by learning skills using SP (skill points), leveling skills, as well as advance growth for your characters.

The level-ing system of the game is fresh. Unlike many other games where exp is gained after every battle, character in fire emblem will gain EXP every time they deal damage to an enemy foe.

7. Intuitive Story line

I truly enjoyed the storyline and narratives of the game as we get to play as the Great hero, commanding the Orders of heroes in their adventure to save the kingdom of Askr.

Players can also explore the competitive arena mode to pit their teams against real-players.

Fire Emblem Heroes is currently free-to-play with micro transactions available if players choose. Although the game highly relies on RNG to roll heroes, it is decent with the amount of orbs rewarded after every quest.

So where do we start?

There is no VIP system in place for the game so F2P gamers can be on par with the cash whales.For more information about the game, you can visit a fan created page here  for more discussion on the game.

Nintendo fire emblem franchise first launched on april 20th, 1990 (even before I was born) with its first title Fire Emblem: shadow dragon and the blade of light on the Nintendo Entertainment System (N.E.S).

The title currently has 13 games across more than 7 platforms, with the latest title being fire emblem heroes.

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