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In case you haven’t noticed, Transformer: Forged to fight is already out on both iOS and Android. This mobile game is a 3D combat game featuring Transformers!

The gameplay is pretty much simple with the standard mobile game control elements. From tapping, holding, to swiping, players will easily control the transformer with these simple control method. Besides the control,  the game is ongoing and pretty fast and direct in terms of rules, Defeat your opponent.


Outlook of the game

When the game first start, you will play a “tutorial” of the battle. Subsequently, you will be introduced to the mechanics of the fight and shown the overall of the game as you dive deeper into Forged to Fight. Within the first few minutes you will begin to see and use base structures such as Away Missions, Alliances and more. However some structures are level-locked, therefore you will have to continue playing and leveling up before unlock the buildings and game modes.  Forged to fight offers more than just solo missions, there are also dailies and versus mode as well as alliance missions for players to engage their fighting abilities with.

Forging to fight

Transformer forged to fight gameplay

Taking the fight to the new level, we are no longer at the stage of the 2D streetfighter age, but towards the timeline of 3D tekken style battle game. Unlike these 2 mentioned arcade games, Transformers: Forged to fight is slightly more unique. There is no direction-pad, instead you will be swiping, tapping and holding down the screen for certain specific movement and attacks. The control element is simple enough for even children below the age of 10 to understand fully. Fighting game does however requires your reaction speed so that you can preempt your opponents movement and make the correct choice of taps or swipes.

Apart from the normal choose your character and fight, the game of course infused some unique elements such as transformers type. These transformer type groups the transformer into specific grouping for their advantages and disadvantages towards other transformers. Therefore, players would have to plan which transformer to take to the field to fight their enemies.

Be the prime

forged to fight defend base

Apart from beind a fighter, you will also have to find the leader element in you. Be the prime and defend your base from invasion by other players that might be eyeing on your base

The not so good part

Although the game is Free to play, the business model for the game is similar to many others that includes freemium. Or rather what i would call it Pay to Win. By spending, you can get better bots easier and faster through summoning. The bane of all mobile game players can also be seen in this mobile game.  Forged to fight also uses the energy system for it’s mission modes so players won’t be able to rush missions. However they can purchase energy packs to replenish their energy.


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