Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore will be available on your iOS devices on December 8!



Galaxy on Fire 3  Manticore

Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore is the sequel and the latest additional to the  Galaxy on Fire series developed and published by Deep Silver FISHLABS. The game will be available on iOS devices, however words have not got out for the release on Android as of yet. The previous series of Galaxy on Fire was launched on iOS before Android, so let us hope for the same.

Galaxy on Fire 3 Manticore is a 3D space trading and combat simulation game which takes place in a the Neox Sector. The Neox Sector is a lawless fringe area that is terrorize by ruthless and greedy mercenaries. Players will be playing the role of bounty hunters to take down the villains and to restore the law and order beyond the final frontier.


Here’s a little more insights for you. There will be 3 classes of ships currently available for you to choose from, each with their own characteristics. And depending on the mission, the type of ships will affect your game play experience. Beside selecting your own ships, you may also fit the weapons to your choosing such as Plasma, Laser and Ballistic. The enemies that you will encounter in the game have weakness spots that is based on the weapon types, therefore you might need to adapt your setup to counter your foes. Following each mission, you will be able to select 2 wing men. The load outs of the wing men are based on actual players and they get a mercenary payout each time they are utilized by another player.

The game not only offers you an intense gameplay filled with rich content, but also appeals to your eye with the high-end 3D graphics with professional voice overs.

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Gamersaur Recommendation

If you are the fan of Galaxy on Fire, we are pretty sure that you are already following on the release of this game. Gamersaur would definitely recommend this game to fanatics on deep space fictions, as well as flight lovers. The graphics on Galaxy on Fire seems to be one of the best space flight mobile games that are out on both iOS and Android. Before the release on this latest mobile game, you might want to check out the prequel: Galaxy on Fire – Manticore Rising which will provide you additional insights into the war-torn universe.



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