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(Source: Trickster Arts)

Hackers is a multiplayer cyber warfare strategy  game developed by Trickster Arts. In Hackers, players uses a futuristic interface call Ergo, Where they would use it to hack others and also to setup their own network system where they can farm for currency such as Money ($) or B-Money (B$). The currencies are the gateway to upgrading and building of new structure in your system in order to prevent enemies from hacking into your system.

In order to gather resources, you can either extract them off your own mines in your system, or you could simply choose to hack the other players system.

Some of the features that Hackers includes:

Hack networks of other players worldwide
Develop and upgrade your hacking tools
Build and refine your 3D network architecture
Use various programs and hacking strategies
Chose a brute force or a stealth approach for your intrusions
Experience security, activist or terrorist mission
Support your country in the war


Hackers is now available on both iOS and Android

iOS: Here

Android: Here

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