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Early Access: Into the Badlands Blade Battle

AMC next Drama-to-mobile game is coming out! Adapted from AMC’s Into the badlands that was released in 2015, the mobile game, Into the badlands Blade Battle is a tap and slash action game where you will be fighting for your life with the heroes and villains of the show. Usable characters include Daniel Wu’s character Sunny, and others such as M.K, Tilda, Qiunn, Widow, etc. The action mobile game has yet to be released officially, but you can actually download the unreleased/beta version of the mobile game in the Google Play Store now.  You may find the download link for android below.

Into The Badlands Blade Battle

As mentioned you can collect characters that are actually from the show and use them in your battles. Each of the characters have their own energy bar in which will be used to start missions. Once the energies are drained, you will have to wait for them to regenerate again before you can use them for missions again.

The game also has Alliance feature once you reach level 20, events at level 3, PVP at level 4 and so on. The game features a very simplistic gaming experience as you will only have to see the colors and react accordingly by swiping, tapping or double tapping.

Into the Badlands Blade Battle might seem a little be strange like a typical hack and slash mobile game if you have not catch Into the Badlands yet, but if you know the story and the plot of the drama, it would definitely appear to be more interesting than just slashing your way through this game. What’s more is that you will realize the characters that you are using is actually Daniel Wu’s character!

Extra sauce for you

If you haven’t really notice at all, Into the Badlands does resemble the story of Journey to the West, where there is Sun Wukong and Tripitaka. Doesn’t the name M.K and Sunny have slight resemblance of being Sun wukong or Monkey King?  You can catch the drama and also Season 2 that will be coming this year 2017 if you are interested to find out more!


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