Celebrate Kingdom Story SEA 200th day!


NHN Entertainment Co., Ltd. (“HANGAME”) is celebrating Kingdom Story S.E.A 200th day with new content updates. Introducing a new Warring States with new officers, “Chi You World Boss Raid”, “Elemental Upgrade” and special event with daily rewards. These content and update will be available from 29th May 2017 onwards.

Kingdom Story S.E.A., developed by PICNEKO CREATIVE, features the enchanting story of Romance of the Three Kingdom in the form of a casual RPG mobile game which successfully launched and currently maintained in Thailand, Singapore and many other countries in the South East Asia region.

To celebrate the 200th day of Kingdom Story S.E.A., the daily rewards that can be attained through logging in during the period of this event are a total of 2 Million Gold, 200 Yu Ji Medals, various 4 Star Relic and 4-5 Star Officer Resume. These daily rewards are imperative to the in-game character progression, to boost power rating and surpass other players. This event giveaway is valid from 29th May to 4th June 2017 and further details will be available in game Kingdom Story S.E.A.

the warring state

In order to meet the zealous demands of new heroes, Kingdom Story S.E.A will be introducing Warring States Qin Kingdom, which introduces five new officers with designs being revamped and improvised to a more spectacular combat display, and are also capable of casting new status effects, namely Paralysis and Petrification.

The “Blessing of the Ancestors” bonus effect will be applied even if teamed up with different officers from different kingdoms, so long as there are 3 existing officers from the Qin Kingdom in the line-up.


“Elemental Upgrade” is a new feature which consumes elemental essence to increase the officer’s value of elemental damage and resistance. Only “Ascended” officers will be able to upgrade their elemental stats.

Elemental essences are attainable through the new “Chi You World Boss Raid”. This new world boss raid system is available every Tuesday and Thursday. Players will be able to utilise multiple teams to battle Chi You, the new World Boss, and have to deal as much damage to Chi You within a minute. Participating officers cannot be used to attack again until the next Chi You battle.

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