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King’s Raid: The Legend of Aea is a real-time battle RPG developed and published by VeSpa with Glohow. This mobile game is currently at it’s pre-launched phase and is available for pre-registration. There isn’t any news as of yet if the game will be launched simultaneously on both iOS and Android. However it is estimated that the mobile game will launch in mid February.

King's Raid Pre-register


You may pre-register from now till 8th February 2017  at the link given and receive the following reward when King’s Raid officially launch.

– 2000 Rubies and 100,000 Gold
– Rare Equipment Summon Ticket
– 5 Evolution Fragments
* You will received your reward in the form of coupon code via your e-mail when grand launch*

kings raid raid boss
You will  experience lots of real-time battle content such as PVP, Boss Raids and Guild Raid which allow you to play with your friends. The game has revealed on their Facebook some of the classes that you will see in the game. From melee Warrior, Knight, Assassin, to Archer, Wizard and Priest. The mobile game seems to be set on a medieval concept with all these classes that will be available in the game.
Your role in the game is to build your teams and to get through the various modes that include Story, Dungeon, and Tower to protect the capital of Orvel. There are also the multi-player modes such as PVP, Boss Raids and Guild Raid available.

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