Lineage 2 Revolution General Guide


Mobile Devices or PC mounts (Bluestack/Nox)

Lineage 2 Revolution is obviously a mobile game but to get the most out of the game, you would definitely find the opportunity to leave your character to auto-battle for extended period of hours to make full use of auto- battle farming.

When grinding overnight, using Emulator such as Nox or Bluestack is highly recommended so that you do not overwork your phone. It’s been tested that long period of usage on phone while charging to maintain battery power would make lineage 2 revolution lag on your mobile devices until your phone gets a chance to cool down its temperature.

Race and Classes

In Lineage 2 Revolution, you may choose whichever race and class you would like to play. However, every race has their own specific classes. Such as a human has class like Warlord, but for Dark Elf’s, it’s Blade Dancer.

Since L2R is quite a pretty grindy game, ranged and fast moving classes would have a slight advantage when farming. Elf Silver Ranger & Human Hawkeye would be the top two choices as they have buffs that allow them to tap mobs as soon as they spawn. If you want to go tank, Human Paladin has the most taunts and able to reflect damage while Elf Temple Knight is the only class with invulnerability frame. Elf Elder is perhaps the best support class because of its Regen-based healing & Def buff. While Dark Elf Blade Dancer is the most popular in Korea, they pretty much seem to be more pvp-oriented compared to other classes.

Mages have the advantage of being the most consistent in drawing equipment because you’ll always get staves no matter what happens. On the other hand, Rogues can draw bows & knives while Warriors can draw dual swords, spears, and sword & shield. To make things worse for Warriors, the dual blade increased damage attribute is exclusive to Elves & Dark elves while the spear increased damage attribute is exclusive to Humans & Dwarves.

Diamonds & Bundles

The bundles in L2R is truly frightening and expensive, however there are some bundles that are worth buying. For early game, you would need a lot of Adenas, so the Adenas daily pack is quite worth for some extra upgrades. However, make sure you spend it correctly and wisely or you would probably be wasting your adena and your real money. The other daily pack, is the diamond pack. The red diamond pack will help in boosting your daily exp and item drops a little further if you spend it on daily exp dungeons, etc. The +120 item capacity beginner package is definitely worth it if you are going to be grinding overnight. The extra inventory space would mean that you will be able to store more items for leveling your gears.
If you have at least $10/month to spare, the Daily Diamond is by far the best purchase.

Personally I would recommend to curb your spending a little, though it may seem tempting to purchase diamonds. I highly DO NOT recommend on spending money on the other packs other than those mentioned above.

Using Diamonds

If you’re a free player, you would want to save the diamonds and use it to max out your inventory to 300 so you can leave your device for longer without having a full bag.

If you’re getting at least 210 red gems per day (180 from daily red gems & 30 from daily activity). The only thing that I would reset is the Daily Dungeon because upgrade & enhance items are very hard to get.
Set a few gems aside for rerolling sub stats as well. More info on this later.

Sell every tradable (has blue gem icon on the lower right) Enhance Scroll & Upgrade stone at the auction house for its lowest price (55 blue gems) and always buy the Login Diamond at the Collection shop to turn your 500 blue gems into 1000 red gems plus other items.


Always upgrade the passive skills first unless the scaling vs cost is terrible.

Never Upgrade your first skill so it can be used as a “free” skill later on when grinding barely costing any Mana.

Its up to you if you think your other two initial skills are worthless compared to your advanced class skills as well. You also have the option to keep your Missile Bolt at Level 1 for a measly 50 MP cost (Level 2 costs 600MP, Level 3 costs 1150MP while Level 4 costs 1700 MP) but you’ll be much weaker in PvP and killing field bosses so it’s up to you.

You will be leveling slower at the start but you’ll have more tools to be able to grind faster without spending any resources later on and this method is definitely something that I would recommend.

If you messed this up, Sand of Oblivion resets your skills back to 1 and refunds all your used skill points. Adena won’t be refunded though. This bundle (Sand of Oblivion + 100,000 Adena) is being sold at the shop for $10USD.
More info on other Rare Skills in the future. It is highly recommend to find a guide on what to properly add so you don’t waste extra money on the game.

If you have a few blue gems to spend, buying 10 pages of the rare skill Healing Strike from the trading post is a good investment. It heals you for 20% of your PATK+MATK for only 50MP on a 60s cooldown. If you have a good weapon, you can heal 4~5k every minute, in turn allowing you to save Adena.Runes

Don’t bother too much with runes. You’ll eventually be able to max out the first four pages with ease. Page 5 starts getting expensive and has a low chance of success so you can ignore that for a while. Just be sure to max out Page 1-4. You will have a huge surplus of runes with barely any Adena to imprint.


Keep anything with a blue background. These are Rare equipment and have PVP attributes.

Sell all C gear and eventually all B gear. You’ll eventually get to the point that you’re gonna need a shit ton of Adena and you’ll notice that fusing B gear into S, R and SR gear isn’t worth the Adena cost. Accessories are pretty hard to get and it’s probably worth it to use B accessory to level up S, R and SR accessories.

The set effects for your gear aren’t really that strong right now but the best you can get is the 2/4 Final Dmg Decrease from Patience Attribute Gear. Patience (Elite Monster Damage -0.50%) is also better compared to Protection (Boss Monster Damage -0.50%)

For weapons, Hunt (5% Bonus Dmg Vs Elite Monsters) and the Rare Weapon’s PVP attribute (2% Bonus Dmg Vs Other Players) are the best.

For accessories, it doesn’t matter much because they’re very hard to find, let alone to complete a whole set. The best set imo is Black Ore with the Stern Attribute (Crit Resist Rate +0.50%). Having one or two 2/5 sets helps a bit by increasing your mana pool and in turn increasing the mana per mp potion.

A Gear have 1 substat, S Gear have 1 and better substat, R Gear have 2 and better substats while SR Gear have 3 and better substats.

For substats look out for the following:

EXP Gain Increase – Get stronger faster. Whatever gear you have right now, will not be your end-game gear. Plus, you can always re-roll substats away.

Adena Gain Increase – Same logic as above. You’re always gonna need Adena and every +1 adds up.

MP Regen Rate – Your actual in-combat MP Regen per 10 seconds is 30% of your total MP Regen Rate. Meaning, if your whole skill rotation costs less than what you’re regenerating, you don’t need to use MP potions at all. If you set-up your grinding method, this will save you a lot of Adena.

HP Drain – Same argument as above although a bit weaker since you’ll need a really strong weapon in order to make efficient use of HP Drain. The numbers may be low but it all adds up and will definitely save you Adena as well.

Also take note that some sub stats will be stronger on specific pieces of equipment. For example, Evasion on Boots


Upgrade only Rare equipment or Accessories that are part of your set. Never combine Rare equipment.
For basic gear I would recommend just combine it with another basic gear. Even if you get an unfavorable SR, you can still use that as combine material for future UR release.
What you get from combining is exclusive random, meaning it is something your class can use. You can also get Rare equipment from combining A+A, S+S and R+R.

Never be afraid to Combine.

I suggest to hold on to all your Enhance Material first until you get gear that you are sure that you will be using for a long time or Rare Gear. Make sure to spread out your enhancements as well.

Attribute Enhancement is for the end-game, same with Limit Break. Ignore them for now.

Soul Crystal

Keep all A, S, R, & SR Soul Crystals and don’t equip them yet.

Look for C, B, and A Gems with MP Regen Rate Substat. This is the most consistent way to increase your MP Regen Rate.
C gives you +17 MP Regen, B Gives you +26 MP Regen while A Gives you +40 MP Regen.

It is worth it to upgrade from C to B to get a bit more MP Regen. Don’t bother upgrading to A since you’ll be throwing them away in the future.


Level 54 Main Quest gives you the last daily dungeon. After this you can just ignore your main quest for a while and do it when you need resources or a quick level up.

Always finish your Daily Quests and try to use your free rerolls to get rid of Cs and Bs. You don’t need to finish the hard ones and just let the time limit pass.

For Weekly quests, do 15 daily even after you’ve completed the progress bar for a total of 105 every week.
Never touch the Reward Count.


To finish the Defeated in One Hit Achievement easily, just crit a level 1 monster with your strongest single-hit skill and hope for the best.

The Region Codex Achievments only needs 20% or the first reward of the progress bar.

Monster Codex

Don’t do this until you can 1-shot what you’re trying to farm with basic attacks. However, there are a few exceptions like the grindtrain mobs like Shapers & Ant Larva. It is best to ignore the other Elite Dungeon mobs for now as well because they give very little for the time investment. More info on
grinding later.

For Field Bosses, start with Silverbeard since he gives PATK/MATK. You can party up with your Clan or just find a PUG. As far as I know, as long as you get a hit, you’ll get a core. The Field Boss Schedule and Location is shown on the Skull icon below the Minimap.Mercenary’s Journey

Click the Question Mark on your current quest to see the preview for all the quests so you can plan ahead.


Dungeons are self-explanatory just do them daily.

For Equipment Dungeon’s Varnish Selector reward, always pick the Accessory Varnish.

Eisenhasad’s Blessing (the one that you get daily for being online for 60 minutes) works on the Extraction Dungeon when you extract plants. Just get 20 of any color ASAP and do Weekly Quests and Scroll Quests.

Its better to use your Hot Time with an efficient party of 5 (preferrably clan members). Don’t use Red Gems to extend, not worth it.


Join an active clan with the same goals as you are. With an active clan you’ll always be grinding when you’re asleep or away and you’ll always have a party for field bosses.

Farm Proof Of Bloods at the following locations :

Elven Ruin Catacomb 1 – Arachne
Elven Ruin Catacomb 2 – Shapers
Ant Catacomb 1 – Ant Captain

PoBs give twice as much points compared to Adena Daily so get your clan together and farm! You can donate 1200 PoBs per person daily.

Always purchase the Soul Crystal Box (Three per Week), Elixir Essence Box (Daily), Varnish Box (Daily), Enhancement Scroll Box (Three per Week), High-Grade Equipment Box (Three per Month), High-Grade Material Box (Three per Month) from the Clan Shop.


If you read everything above, the most the most efficient way to progress your character is to have the following conditions met:

1.) Be lucky. Get an R or SR weapon on your first draw. If not, you’ll get a free S weapon as a Level 30 Completion Reward.
2.) Have your basic skills as low level as possible.
3.) Started looking out for MP Regen Rate Gems.
4.) Be in an active Clan. Play with Friends.
5.) Purchase the Starter Pack and the Daily Adena & Diamond bundles (Optional)

And here’s what you need in an ideal day:

1.) 1,200 PoBs and 75,000 Adena to donate to your Clan.
2.) 5 Quest Scrolls. Use your A scrolls as a priority but 5 Bs is good enough at lower levels. Farming 125 C Scrolls to turn into 5 A Scrolls takes way too much time. You can actually buy A Scrolls but you won’t be gaining any Adena from that. Getting A Scrolls by farming at level 60 til probably level 80 since you’ll be spending more time farming the field.

Things to Remember:

1.) If you don’t have a good weapon and you’re not a ranged character, you won’t be getting too much from crowded places because the mobs die and respawn so fast. Get your Clan to help you out when this happens. Party up and farm PoBs with your clan mates!
2.) Use Soulshots on field bosses and when you’re having trouble with the main quest and Tower of Insolence. You’re always given plenty every day so don’t worry about running out of Soulshots. Just be sure to keep at least 1k in case of emergency.
3.) You don’t have to force yourself to grind at all. Just take your time and do all the daily quests every day.
Here are some of the best places to grind:
Lv 14 Red Fox (West Talking Island) – Drops Red Rouse Cores. Grind this place overnight when you’re stuck.
Lv 24 Malevolent Skeleton Archer (Gludin Highway) – Drops Moretti Cores & Quest Scrolls. Grind this place overnight when you’re stuck.
Lv 25 Arachne (Elven Ruins Catacomb 1) – Mob train. Drops PoBs and Arachne Core.
Lv 35 Shaper (Elven Ruins Catacomb 2) – Mob train. Drops PoBs and Necross Core.
Lv 36 Ant Soldier Larva (Ant Nest Catacomb 1) – Mob train. Drops Reaver Core.
Lv 46 Ant Soldier (Ant Nest Catacomb 1) Party spot.
Lv 50 Ant Captain (Ant Nest Catacomb 1) – Party spot. Drops PoBs and Ant Nest Foreman Core.
Lv 54 Ant Larva (Ant Nest Catacomb 2) – Mob train.


It is fine to train on mobs around your or slightly below your level when you AFK, try looking for some monster that drops codex core for more efficient farms.


Take advantage of the Auto-Battle Radius, specifically 10M, to keep your party together and not spread out.

Setting your auto Potions to 0% will not consume any potion no matter what.

Set Auto Loot to B when you’re planning to leave your character to grind for extended periods of time.



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