Lineage 2 revolution update 26th July 2017


Update Details: 

  1. Maximum Level Cap Increased to 180!

    In addition to increasing the maximum level cap, Lineage 2 Revolution has also added a lot of other new content!
    You will now be able to access:

  • Rune Imprint pages 9 and 10. (Pg. 9 – Lvl 135, Pg. 10 – Lvl 160)
  • Dungeon Difficulties added: Adena and Equipment Dungeon [Very Hard Mode], Summoning Stone Dungeon [Hard Mode]
  • New Floors added in Elite Dungeon: Ivory Tower B1~B3F
  • Grade S Elixirs Added
  • With the increase of the max level cap, level appropriate clan and individual achievements have been added
  1. New Territory Added

A new territory, Giran, has been added to the Lineage World. Go on adventures and explore the economic center in the Continent of Aden.

  • More monsters to face
  • More monster cores to collect
  • New weekly quests
  • New quest scroll added
  1. Mount Pet Added

You can now get Kukurin as your new mount pet. Remember Mount pets help you to travel even faster! In order to get Kukurin you will have to meet the following conditions.

  • Get your Silver Saint to Grade B
  • Clear the 55th floor of the Tower of Insolence
  • Get your character to Lv. 120.
  1. Clan Hall Added

The Clan Hall is owned by a clan and offers various benefits and contents depending on the Clan Hall level. Here are some of the contents you will find in the Clan Hall.

  • Fireplace
  • Quest Keeper
  • Banquet Keeper
  • Potion Keeper
  • Relic Keeper
  • Crystal of Unity

[Clan Hall Guide]

  1. Clan War Rules Related Improvements (Modified at 7/28 5:30 PM UTC +8)


Existing New
Clan that can participate in a Clan War Clan Level 5 and Above Clan Level 5 and above with at least 15 Clan members
Cooltime for Clan War with the same Clan 12 Hours 2 Days
How to end the War War Period Ends or Announce Surrender Surrender or Termination of War Agreement
Penalty Clan Reputation (-300)
No. of times
War can be declared
5 times
(Resets at 04:00 AM on Monday)
Declare War 5 times
(No limit on the no. of times you can accept War)

You can declare war up to 5 times. However you have to finish your current war to be able to declare another war.

  1. Title System Added Title System

You can get Titles based on your accomplishments in the Lineage World. These titles increase your stats. You can acquire, equip or remove a Title from the Title menu.

You can acquire a Title after satisfying certain conditions. However note that it will become inactive once the conditions are no longer met. Therefore, make sure to acquire the Title whenever you can.

For example, if the condition to get the title was to reach rank # 100 you can acquire the Title only once you meet this condition. However once your rank goes to #101 you will not be able to acquire the Title. The stats that you obtain once you acquire a title are permanently applied to your character. However for special titles if you are unable to maintain the necessary conditions they will become inactive and their effects will no longer be applied to your character.

  1. Workshop Added

You can acquire new items in the workshop by binding the items that you already own!

[Workshop Guide]

  1. Clan Dungeon Queen Ant

A normal difficulty mode has been added for the Queen Ant in the Clan Dungeon.

Recommended CP: 384,500
Required Clan Level: 10+
Recommended # of Clan members: 10

  1. Skill Adjustments

Adjustments have been made to the following skills.


Skill Name Skill Effect 1 Skill Effect 2 Details
Active Sonic Blaster Dmg. Speed Decrease Damage Increase (125% of Skill Atk., 105% of Dmg.)  and Speed Decrease Effects Added
Sonic Storm Dmg. Knock Down Damage Increase (125% of Skill Atk., 105% of Dmg.)
Rhythm of Combat Party Atk.
Party Def.
Party HP increase effects have been changed to Party Atk. /Def. Increase Effects. The skill name has also changed to Rhythm of Combat.
Song of Hunter Party Crit. Rate
Party Crit. Damage
Party Crit. Damage Effects Added
Passive Esprit Crit. Rate Increase Removal of Proc. Rate and  the skill will always be applied

Silver Ranger

Skill Name Skill Effect 1 Skill Effect 2 Details
Active Lethal Shot Dmg. Stun Damage Increase(120% of Skill Atk.)
Double Wide Shot Dmg. Def. Decrease Def. Decrease Effects Added
Double Quick Step Atk. Speed
Speed Increase Atk. Speed Increase Effects( Maximum 20% -> Maximum 30%)
Passive Swift Normal Atk. Dmg. Increase Chance of Speed Increase has been changed to Normal Attack
Damage Increase Effect


Skill Name Skill Effect 1 Skill Effect 2 Details
Active Divine Protection Party HP Recovery Party Def. Increase Party HP Recovery Increase (150% of Recovery)
Passive Fortify Party HP Regen.
Changed to HP Regen. that is recovered through Recovery Skill, Potion and HP Drain


Skill Name Skill Effect 1 Skill Effect 2 Details
Active Volcano Dmg. Atk. Radius
Damage Increase( 170% of Skill Atk., 120% of Dmg.)
Atk. Radius Increase.
Molten Bowl Dmg. Knock Down Damage Increase( 170% of Skill Stk., 105% of Dmg.)
/Target Enemies increased to 4
Boost Mana MP Use Increase Skill Dmg. Increase Party HP Increase Effects have been changed to MP
Use Increase and Skill Damage Increase Effects


Skill Name Skill Effect 1 Skill Effect 2 Details
Active Major Heal Party HP
Party MP
Party HP Recovery Increase( 120% of Recovery)
/ Party MP Recovery Effect Added
Passive Divine Link Party Def. Increase Effect Radius (Individual-> Party)
/ Increased Effects (Atk. -> Def. )
Heated Light Heal Mana Shield Changed to allow MP to use some of the damage received


Skill Name Skill Effect 1 Skill Effect 2 Details
Active Mental Refresh Skill Cooldown
Remove Debuffs Remove Debuffs of Allies( including Knock down, stun)
Passive Elder Avoidance Evasion Rate
Removal of the condition that activates the skill according to chance

Shillien Elder

Skill Name Skill Effect 1 Skill Effect 2 Skill Effect 3 Details
Active Bloody Rage Dmg. Speed Decrease Removal of
Targets’ Buff
Removal of Target’s buff (Purchased Buffs will not be removed)
Empower Invincible Condition Party HP Recovery HP does not decrease to below a certain level  when a buff is encountered / HP is recovered instantly when a skill is used
Passive Aggression Party HP Drain
Effect Range (Individual-> Party) / Increased Effects (Atk. -> HP Drain)

War Ranger

Skill Name Skill Effect 1 Skill Effect 2 Skill Effect 3 Details
Active Burst Shot Dmg. Continuous Damage Knock Down Continuous Damage Increase( 250% of Skill Atk.)
Evasion Shot Dmg. Speed Decrease Range Increase Range Increase Effect when a skill is used has been added
Passive Acrobatics Evasion Rate
Atk. Speed
Proc. Rate for Evasion Rate Increase has been  removed and Atk. Speed Effects Added
Lucky Quick Step Chance to Stun Atk. Decrease Changed from Chance of Party Speed Increase Effect to Chance of Stun Effects . Targets’ Atk Decrease Effect has been added


  1. Equipment and Summoning Stone Dungeon Related Improvements

    Improvements have been made to the Party matching system in the Equipment and Summoning Stone Dungeons.
    – Ready/Refuse Section has been removed.
    – When 5 users have been matched up, the countdown will show up automatically. Once the countdown is over, users will be taken directly into the dungeon.
    – It is possible to selectively cancel the matching only when the matching was incomplete or by doing so manually on the auto-join party match page.

  2. Adena Dungeon [Updated 7/26 11:52 AM (UTC+8)

A couple of changes have been made to the Adena Dungeon.

  • You can obtain extra Adena with a Treasure Box created according to Kresous’ HP.
  • The number of times you can enter the Adena Dungeon has been changed to once. However you will be able to get two times as much Adena now!
  • You can obtain two times (+ a maximum of 30%) extra Adena if you break all 4 Treasure Boxes.
  • Note that you can obtain Treasure Boxes by hitting the sides of Kresous.
  1. Others

  • Chat Adjustments
  • Potion Slot Added
    The potions that you can make in the Clan hall with the Potion Keeper can be saved in the new quick slot in order to make them more readily accessible during battle.
  • More Monster Codex Territories added (New Monster Cores)
    – Giran Dominion
    – Deathly Fog Shores
    – Devil’s Isle
    – Haunted Necropolis
    – Ivory Tower (B1~B3F)
  • Clan Dungeon UI Improvements
    – Varkaron Status Board Added
    Varkaron status board
    – Queen Ant Status Board Added
    Queen Ant status board
  • Request Help from Other Clan’s Clan Members Function Added
  • Rune imprinting stats are applied properly.
  • Character Exp. Rebalancing

– The amount of Exp obtainable between Lv. 30 ~ Lv. 40 has been adjusted to ensure that our Heroes have a more enjoyable gaming experience.
– After getting to level 16, Erica Guide will pop up and give tips on leveling up!

  • Erica Guide:
    In order to provide a more pleasant gaming experience, we’ve made it so that Erica Guide can be set to On/Off.
    Linage 2 revolution erica guide
  • Mercenary’s Journey
    Previous Level Restrictions:
    Page 1: Level 1
    Page 2: Level 21
    Page 3: Level 35
    Page 4: Level 50We have removed the Level Requirements for Mercenary’s Journey quests to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Adjustments have been made to the penalties for rejoining after leaving a Clan.
    Penalty for rejoining after leaving the Clan once Cannot join for 1 Day
    Penalty for rejoining after leaving the Clan two times Cannot join for 2 Days
    Penalty for rejoining after leaving the Clan three times Cannot join for 4 Days
    Penalty for rejoining after leaving the Clan four times Cannot join for 8 Days
    Penalty for resetting Join Clan 30 Days

* Penalties are only applied when you join the same Clan again
* Everytime you rejoin a clan after rejoining for the fourth time you will have a penalty of 8 days
* The penalty for resetting Join Clan join is counted from the day that you get your first penalty.

  • Varnish in Inventory has been Combined (UPDATED AT 3:50 PM UTC +8)
    – All varnishes that you obtain after the update will be only take up one slot in your inventory. 

Enjoy all the new additions to the game!

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