[Line Fighter] Launch!


(Source: Line Global)

Line Fighter has just been launched today! Developed and Released by Line Plus Corporation, Line Fighter is a 3D Hack and Slash RPG. Fans of the cute little Line characters be sure to download and try out this game today!

Line Fighter features Brown,Cony, and Moon. It begun with a story of a Mamon, a villain of villain reemerging back in the city with the help of some unknown evil forces. In order to bring peace,the Line Fighters must set out to battle Mamon once more.

Line Fighter features a Slide motion movement, and tap to attack system. By tapping to trigger attacks as well as special skills, and more battle animation when battle gauge is filled. Players can also collect and customize their Line Fighters with different armors and weapons!

I am definitely not waiting! Try Line Fighter Today!

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id966802035?mt=8 

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