Lineage2 Revolution coming your way soon in june, pre-register now!


Coming into your mobile device with a huge graphic overload and large scale battle. Lineage2 Revolution is definitely the next anticipated rpg on the mobile devices! Slated to be launching in June, the pre-registration of the mobile game is already on.
Along with pre-registration, Lineage2 Revolution has also started various events pertaining to content in the game on their official website!

Featuring unreal engine 4 top notch graphics, along with open-field battles to the largest of scales! It is definitely not a game to be missed.
With real-time party play and various content and growth system. New or previous players of other lineage games can definitely come together onto this mobile platform.

With an epic story to Lineage2 Revolution, The demise of the Elmoreden Empire ushered in an age of darkness. Play as Human, Elf, Dark elf or Dwarf and fulfil your destiny.

Will this be the next revolution to mobile gaming?


****************************Pre-registration has been closed*******************

How to pre-register and reserve a in-game name for yourself?
Simply follow the step below

  1. Head over to Netmarble’s Lineage2 Pre-reg link :
  2. Click on the Google Play icon and pre-register on google play store Or alternatively register with your e-mail address
  3.  After registering, You can reserve your name at at any of the server that you desire.
  4. Choose to become a clan leader at
  5. And stand together and help your server to achieve valuable rewards at (every 24 hour)
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