Beginning of an era with Lineage Red Knights


Lineage Red Knights

Get awestruck right at the beginning of the game in Lineage Red Knights, the latest mobile game developed and published by NCSOFT.
The game has just been released for global launch and can be found for the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes soon after. The game is free to play but will contain various IAPs. You may find the Download link Below

The game begins with the epic storyline of the Red Knights, which took place 150 years prior to Lineage II. While battling Giltas you got transported to an unknown world. You will be taking multiple pet units into battle where the battle will be performed in real-time action. Along with the units, you as a central hero in which you will be able utilize a number of his skills. Units too, have special abilities that can be triggered in battle, from fiery dragon attacks to icy spells.

Other than the standard PVE storyline, there are various other game modes that will offer you hours of fun in the game. The game modes includes the Tower of Insolence, where you will be able to test your limits in this 100 level tower. Time Rift is where you will be able to challenge monsters in the daily dungeons to obtain special materials. Work together with your friends in Boss Raids too as you join forces to defeat giant bosses. PVP content are also available once you hit the appropriate account level. The Colosseum is a 5v5 arena where you will be challenging other players to climb the ranks to be the best. Once you have join up with a guild, you will be able to fight as a guild in Guild Wars too. More PVP content would be coming in the future as well.



Intriguing Stories and Cutscenes!
– The Death Knight is now on your side! Enemy monsters of Lineage are now recruitable allies!
– Follow the expansive storyline as hidden episodes unfold!

 Tight-knit Guilds and Communities!
– Straight from the masters of MMORPG since 1998!
– Enjoy diverse guild features!

 Massive, Fierce PvP Battles!
– Work together with your guild to conquer regions in Guild Wars!
– Take over enemy fortresses in Fortress Battles!
– Cooperate with your alliances in Siege War! (Coming soon)

 Endless Game Modes for You to Enjoy!
– Prove Your Strength in the 5 vs 5 Colosseum!
– Battle your way to the top of the Tower of Insolence!
– Join the Boss Raid and defeat the legendary dragon Antharas!

 Dynamic Daily Events For Hours of Fun!
– Don’t miss Cusack’s bonus time!
– Discover the temples of gods in story stages!
– Clear daily dungeons and special dungeons for tons of rewards!

Download Link:
Google Play Store

NCSOFT is a South Korea-based online, video and mobile game development company that has produced Lineage, City of Heroes, WildStar, Guild Wars, Aion, Blade & Soul, and Master X Master.

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