Mad Tanks closed beta in selected SEA regions


If you are looking for a Tank-style PVP mobile game, and feel that World of Tanks Blitz was too realistic in terms of style, in which it’s complexity of controls is only more suitable for hardcore gamers. And yet at the same time, Iron Force, being too casual with its thin graphics, but has a global combat systems where players get to wear their own flag colors pretty enticing.

Why not try out the new Tank-style PVP Mad Tanks – eSports TPS, suitable for casual, mid-core players. Tons of players were already waiting for this game on the Steam platform since the game won it’s greenlit a year ago. But now, the developer has decided to launch the mobile version of the game first. It’s not really for the world war II fans though, since they have switched the timeline of the mobile game to 2046 or further. Nonetheless, if you love tanks, you can definitely give it a try! The game is currently in closed beta and is only available to  Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and India at the present moment.

Mad Tanks is infused with a futurist themes and anime crews released partially on the mobile game platform on Google Play. the iOS version will be coming out soon, though the date has not been confirmed by the developer.

The predecessor of Mad Tanks, a browser game named 坦克大战 (Tan Ke Da Zhan) once had more than 3 million monthly active gamers in China alone, and the publisher of the game was the famous $300 billion worth tech behemoths – Tencent

The predecessor of Mad Tanks (a browser game with Chinese name – 坦克大战) once have more than 3 million monthly active gamers in China and the publisher is the famous $300 billion worth tech behemoths – Tencent.

Game features

Mad Tanks is an eSports mobile game, modern and classic tanks infused with anime theme. While maintaining the nostalgic fun of FPS and TPS games, Mad Tanks simplified the game control complexity, present spectacular enjoyable competitions for players.

Tons of fancy high-tech tanks are waiting for you, along with pretty crews, unique tech trees, splendid exteriors and various addictive game modes. Each player will find their own fun in the game while playing against real opponents. This is the best tank game you can ever found in mobile MMO action game genre and it’s FREE!

• Fast-paced 5v5 online multiplayer battle against real players.
• Free to play: no payment required to access all level tanks.
• Easy to learn: Straight forward touch screen controls with very few buttons.
• Exciting eSports battle modes for mid-core and casual players.
• Tank Module and Tech Tree upgrading system provide more variety of tanks.
• Cute anime crew system is designed for anime fans while adding new buffs to vehicles.
• Precious Chest System provides fruity rewards for players.


You can download the game at

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