Ready to run the streets in Mafia 3?


Thats right all you hoodlums out there, Mafia 3 Rivals, the mobile game has already hit the App Store. You can now download the game on your respective iOS or Google Playstore.

Take control of New Bordeaux as you steal, seize and slaughter! the new battle RPG takes place in this violent and gritty world of Mafia 3 where you will be the boss and assemble your familia, Equip your characters with brutal weapons, items vehicles and claim your local businesses. Are you ready to own the city?

Mafia 3 Rivals is a turn base battle game where your dream of becoming a mafia will come true. Along with Mafia 3 Rivals, the PC, PS4, Xbox One version Mafia 3 has also been launched as well. So you can go full-fledged mafia mode whether you are out in the street or at home! Cause either way you will get satisfied by the Mobile and PC Mafia 3.

Mafia 3 Rivals will be free to download but contains In-app purchases. You can now download the game on:



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