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The most recent iteration of the globally popular Pokemon Go is the Magikarp Jump. As the name suggests, it is all about the Magikarp, which also happens to be the weakest Pokemon character of them all. It’s all absurd, ridiculous, and fun to play, so it is just like most other small-sized mobile game available in the market.

Your adventure in Magikarp starts in Hoppy Town, a strange place where it seems that every resident has overly unusual love for the Magikarp. Instead of battling your Magikarp against another players’ in good fist-to-fist and laser beam combat, your sole duty is to raise Magikarp to a level where it can win a jumping competition against a whole lots of other Magikarps. As an expert Pokemon trainer, you are expected to do well in training Magikarp as well, apparently.

The first thing to do is to fish up a Magikarp from a nearby pond and raise it until it reaches its maximum growth level. Along the way, you’ll be competing against other Magikarps in series of leagues; winning brings more points and increases you trainer level, losing means you cannot move forward in the game; it is all usual affair. There are also training sessions and upgrades for the foods or training equipment to grow your Magikarp even faster.

Magikarp Patterns

Because the main focus of the game is on Magikarp, there are not really other Pokemon actively involved in the game. There are some indeed, but they are just complementary features. To spice things up a little bit, the developer has decided to give you many different Magikarp patterns. Unfortunately the game does not give any option to choose specific pattern you like; you have to fish your Magikarp randomly and wish for the best. Some of the most popular patterns are as follows.




Name Rods Required
Normal  Standard magikarp Standard Old Rod
 Skelly Magikarp Skelly Old Rod
Calico  Calico White Orange Magikarp Calico (Orange & White) Old Rod
 calico orange white black magikarp Calico (Orange, White, Black) Old Rod
Calico  Calico White Orange Magikarp Calico (White & Orange) Old Rod
 Calico Orange Gold Magikarp Calico (Orange & Gold) Old Rod
Orange  Two Tone Magikarp Orange Two-Tone So-So Old Rod
 Orange Orca Magikarp Orange Orca So-So Old Rod
 Orange Dapples Magikarp Orange Dapples So-So Old Rod
Pink  Pink Two-tone magikarp Pink Two-Tone Good Old Rod
From Fast League Onwards
 Pink Orca Magikarp Pink Orca Good Old Rod
From Fast League Onwards
 Pink Dapple MAgikarp Pink Dapples Good Old Rod
From Fast League Onwards
Gray  Gray Bubble Magikarp Gray Bubbles Great Old Rod
From Expert League Onwards
 Gray Diamond Magikarp Gray Diamonds Great Old Rod
From Expert League Onwards
Gray  Gray patches magikarp Gray Patches Great Old Rod
From Expert League Onwards
Purple  Purple Bubble Magikarp Purple Bubbles Great Old Rod
From Expert League Onwards
 Purple Diamond Magikarp Purple Diamonds Great Old Rod
From Expert League Onwards
 Purple Patches Magikarp Purple Patches Great Old Rod
From Expert League Onwards
Gold  Gold Magikarp Gold Old Rod

According to the game, however, Magikarp Jump has seven distinct patterns. You have better chance of fishing up rare patterns as you level-up. If you happen to fish up a Magikarp with the same pattern as the previous one, you are allowed to retry over and over again until you run out of diamond points. All the Magikarps and their patterns are listed under “Pattern Dex”. You can complete the listing in the Pattern Dex, if you are lucky.

There are also eight different leagues to compete; in fact, the ultimate goal of the game is to defeat all the league battles. Your trainer level and Magikarp’s maximum growth level make it impossible to win the game using only one Magikarp. You must win competition to earn points and move your rank up, so you can fish up more powerful fish to win the game.

Naming your Magikarp

At first it appears that there is no way to name your Magikarp. You are indeed stuck with the default name, until you have managed to grow the first Magikarp to its maximum level. Once this happens, the Magikarp will retire and you can fish up a new one. You can call this new fish with any name you like such as Karpofcoffee, Butterkarp, Magicup, and so on.

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