Majestia Pre-registration begins


Majestia is a turn-based card battle style mobile game that is published by Com2Us. The closed beta was held between October 24th to November 3rd 2016. Currently, the game is up for pre-registration. You may register and get attractive rewards once the mobile game launch. Majestia will be made available for both iOS and Android.

Majestia Pre-registration reward

Majestia concept

The game encompasses strategic battle and tactics that will be performed by the player by combining various skills with limited resources.
Along with the strats-and-tacts, players can use Various Heroes of 5 different unions: Eastern, Western, Olympus, Fantasy, and Dark!

From Odin to khan, you  got it all. Will you be the next dominator? Pre-register now and get a headstart  with the rewards once Majestia is launched!


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