Mega Man enters the fray and into Mobile Device in January


Mega Man joins the rein in mobile devices

Following in Super Mario Run, and Sony Play Station foot step, Capcom will be bringing the six original 8-bit Mega Man games into iOS and Android in early January 2017.

These retro and awesome adaptation will remind the fans of Mega man as well as introduce newcomers to what made this Blue Bomber such as popular and iconic character back in the days. Each of the game are optimized for your smart devices with adjustments to the game speed. The game will be Pay-To-Play at US$1.99 each.

The six original series includes: Mega Man® Mobile, Mega Man® 2 Mobile, Mega Man® 3 Mobile. Mega Man® 4 Mobile, Mega Man® 5 Mobile, and Mega Man® 6 Mobile.

Each of the Mega Man series comes with its original story line such as in Mega Man® Mobile, Where the evil Dr. Wily must be stopped. And in Mega Man® 2 Mobile, Dr. Wily resurfaces to threaten the world again, where Mega Man must stop him once again. To Mega Man® 6 Mobile, Where the peace is threatened by Enigmatic Mr. X.


About CAPCOM Mobile
Capcom Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capcom Co., Ltd. Our company is dedicated to bringing the amazing characters, stories and experiences of Capcom to a new generation of mobile players everywhere.  With one eye on the latest technology and another on Capcom¹s proud legacy we¹re looking to forge the next chapter in Capcom¹s incredible history. Capcom Mobile maintains operations in Los Angeles, Toronto, Tokyo, and Osaka, Japan.
Capcom was founded in 1983, and is responsible for some of the most celebrated franchises in gaming including Resident Evil®, Street Fighter®, Monster Hunter®, Ace Attorney®, Mega Man® and Devil May Cry®.

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