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SAO:Memory Defrag launches on iOS and Android

The long awaited mobile game, Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag has hit the iOS and Google Play Store. The Pre-registration of SAO:Memory Defrag has already closed as previously mentioned since the announcement of an English version in October 2016. You will be able to find the download link right at the end of this article. The game is currently available in the following countries:
USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Belgium, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore.

Sword Art online memory defrag gameplay

As mentioned in the previous article about Sword Art Online Memory Defrag, it is a side-scroller action RPG where you get to experience the anime story, as well as a brand new original storyline in the game! You can choose to fight alone or join up with others in a real-time online multiplayer mode (Just pray that you will be able to log out!).

Sword Art Online(SAO) was first started off as an anime series where a new virtual reality MMORPG was just launched and a lot of people bought and logged into the SAO via Fulldive (act of linking to a virtual reality) with a device call the Nervegear. Little did they know that was the last time they ever logged into the game as the 10,000 players in SAO were trapped in the game without the ‘log out’ button.

Before you download, let me throw in some magical tips for you.


What should you do first?

At the beginning, you can play through the story line and try to clear every chapter with S rank and earn all 5 possible fragments, do this for both normal and hard chapter. Once you finish taking your fragments, you may move on to the next step and pray you roll strong characters. Click here to see character tier list.

Play through the story, clear every chapter and aim to clear it with an S rank and earn all 5 possible fragments, do this with normal and hard. Once you finish take your collective fragments and pray you roll more strong characters.

Should You reroll?

Rerolling is possible but it is up to you personally. Once you cleared all the SAO story arc on normal and hard, you would be rolling for strong characters. However, if you have not rolled at least a full team of at least 3 4-star characters, you might want to consider rerolling. Rerolling is definitely up to your own choice though. 2 4-star might be just as fine depending on who you rolled.

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