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Logging on

I am pretty glad that I was able to exit Sword Art Online Memory Defrag. If you have watched Sword Art online, you will know what I meant. Having the fear off not being able to ‘log out’ like what Kirito have experienced when he was using his Nervegear in the anime Sword Art Online. Rid of the fear, I was able to venture deeper into the game. Till I was halted by ‘rerolls’ in order to get the character that I want in this very mobile game! And yes, I wanted Kirito (SAO)!

I would say that currently Sword Art Online Memory Defrag is pretty much a Single player game, although it does contain Multiplayer elements such as Co-op play. But you can breeze through the game even just by doing it alone.

End game without good characters

Asuna hardest solo challenge Memory Defrag

Image: Tsumiineko

Honestly speaking, you are rolling and getting characters because you like them, not because they are OP. Someone cleared the hardest solo challenge with just the camisole Asuna given out by the mobile game as a pre-registered reward. ( You can still get it if you didn’t pre-register, however I believe you can only get it within a stipulated time!)

However, if you are going hardcore mode. There is a tier list which allows you to find out which characters are rated much better than the others.




Real-time movement?

Sword art online memory defrag parry counterWhat is SAO without Counters? No worries, your reaction plays a part in this very game. Despite the limited space you can move in the stages, you are still able to dodge and counter attack the monsters and bosses. However do note that the counter speed is quite fast, so you have to grasp the art of countering in this mobile game.

Other than just parrying and countering the monsters, you also have various movements such as dashing forward and backwards, and jumping.

memory defrag switchCharacters also have skills in which you can utilize and not forgetting the main element of SAO, Switch!

In Memory Defrag, you are able to switch your character out in the party as you can only control one character at a time.
characters skills will be used to provide a smooth switching transition when you switch. However if your character has no more mana, no skill will be used during transition.


This mobile game actually made me want to re-watch SAO again. That is the charm of Memory Defrag. If you are a fan of Sword Art Online, Be sure not to miss out this mobile game by Bandai Namco.

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