Will Ninja Spinki Challenge the new fad?


Created by the creator of Flappy Bird, .Gears and Obokaidem, comes Ninja Spinki Challenge. A mobile game with multiple mini-games that revolves around the ninja Spinki. From jumping to throwing shurikens and even dodging ninjas. Will Spinki survive in your hands?

That being said, this latest mobile game created by both .Gears and Obokaidem allows you to play multiple mini-games. Upon completing the time trial of the mini-games but hitting the target or avoiding the certain enemies, you will unlock the endless version where you will attempt to score the highest in the never-ending mode.

6 challenges, 6 different gameplay

Ninja Spinki Challenge offers you 6 different modes of gameplay and up to 30 challenges currently. Upon clearing the first 6 stages, you will unlock all the endless mode. The 6 differing modes consist of: Jump, Avoid, Crossy, Bounce, Shuriken, and Cannon. Basic guides are included before the challenge starts so you know what you are doing.

Ninja Spinki Challenge Jump Ninja Spinki Challenge Rolling Ninja Spinki Challenge Crossy Ninja Spinki Challenge bounce Ninja Spinki Challenge shuriken Ninja Spinki Challenge cannon

Will this game sweep up a storm like what Flappy Bird actually did?

Well, to be honest here, the mini-games can easily be catered to busy people who had just the little free time to burn. Players who are competitive may also try this game to get the highest score in the endless mode. Alternatively, this mini games can be used as mini-challenges that you can play with your friends to see who gets the highest score! Ninja Spinki Challenges can easily cater to people of all ages with it’s simplistic game-play and yet the fun with friends and family.

The game also seemed to have the feel of how Flappy Bird was hard at the beginning, and slowly people started scoring higher and higher. Similarly for Spinki, the endless version will allow players to train and become better at the mini games. Who knows you can use Spinki to win yourselves something!

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