Be a Hero with Nonstop Knight


Be a Hero with Nonstop Knight

Gear up and fight monsters and race to the top in Nonstop Knight. Developed and Published by flaregames.
The game is an idle game that plays out on your mobile devices. It is currently available on both iOS and Android. You may find the Download Link below. The game is Free to Download, however does contain IAPs.

Nonstop Knight Gameplay

Nonstop Knight is unique idle game as it isn’t the typical idle game that shows you a static page. Instead You hero moves around the dungeon floors fighting not 1 but a few monsters all together, making it more realistic. Obtain rare to legendary items as you advance through the floors in the game. Fighting ever stronger monsters and bosses.

In this game, you can only rely on yourself and the skills that you are armed with, such as Whirl, Leap and Clone. Along with your abilities, the equipment that you find in the dungeons will allow you to hit harder and mitigate better.


Recommendation: Casual players who like idle games would definitely fall in love with this interactive idle mobile game. The mobile game is also suitable for people of all ages to try out. In terms of idle gaming, Nonstop Knight is very easily comparable or even stands out than PC idle games. The movement and graphic would be considered to be the top-notch of idle games.
The graphic would definitely remind you a little of another mobile game called Royal Revolt, well after all it was made by their subsidiary development studio, Keen Flare.

Another interesting fact was that when I fast stepped into the game, I received 1.61k gems already within minutes, making me felt no need to purchase anything. Instead I haven’t used the gems that was given to me for free yet. How generous!
Although it might be tough to defeat the bosses, you may just continue grinding the normal monsters until your gears are hard enough to decimate the boss and advance further into the dungeon.


Download Link:
Google Play Store
Apple iTune Store

flaregames is a mobile game publisher and developer based in Karlsruhe, Germany. In Frankfurt is the company’s fully owned subsidiary Keen Flare, the world class development studio that brought you the Royal Revolt series.

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