One Piece Thousand Storm Review


One Piece Thousand Storm Review

If you are unable to find or install this mobile game, that is because currently One Piece Thousand Storm has been soft-launched for Canada only.

Published by Bandai Namco, Thousand Storm features all the Straw Hat Pirates from the exciting “2 Years Ago” and “New World” Arcs. These action strategy game has brought in a unique experience for Mobile gamers, the way and the style that the One Piece Thousand Storm is played is of a new level as compared to other typical mobile games there seems to have the same kind of gameplay. And I am going to tell you why it is special. Of course there will be no sugar-coating as I will only report the truth that I have experienced myself while playing this mobile game!

Soft Launch encounter

Since this is a Soft-launch for Canada currently. I am not really sure if it’s my phone (Samsung S7) or is it the game itself, but I definitely experience so latency or lag issue such as the loading time which takes quite a while, and also certain button responses feels like there’s a delay. But being said that it’s currently just a Canada soft launch, I believe that these issues will be fixed in the near future while Bandai Namco perfect this mobile game. The lag definitely affected my gameplay a little so I definitely hope that this issue will be solved as soon as they possible can.


Single and Multi-player mode

One Piece Thousand Storm Review Single ModeSince I have talked about having some latency or lag issues, I would like to mention as well the special feature in which you can actually play these game on both Online and Offline mode, however certain things are only doable when you are in online mode. These might be of course, be some slight issue if Bandai Namco does not handle this system correctly. Being in single mode (without connection) There might be risks of the APK/app getting exploited with cheats while in offline mode. However, when you play online, most data are usually stored in the developer own server than the data itself on the phone. Although exploits and cheats might happen, the Single mode actually does help with people who might have bad internet or not connected to any online network. So everyone can play the game regardless if they have Wi-Fi/3g/4g on!





When we talk about equipment, Once Piece Thousand Storm doesn’t not let you equip your Luffy with Gloves or Hats or other clothing and weapons as equipment.

Once Piece Thousand Storm Review Equip Scene Card

Instead, ‘equipment’ here is called Scene Card, where you equip them for special stats or skills. The characters can equip up to 10 Scene cards once they reach a star value of 6 stars. The Scene Card slot will slowly be unlocked from 4 to 10 depending on your character star-value. For Example, If Luffy is standing at 3-star, he will have 7 Slots unlocked.

Solo and Group Play

When you do your quests, you can choose between SoloOnce Piece thousand Storm Review Solo Group Play or Group Play, In the Quest mode, you will start battle with 3 characters on the vertical field. Solo mode will allow 2 COM(bot) characters accompanying your hero on the journey, while in Group Play, you can complete the quest along with other players that are playing the mobile game. The advantage of joining Group Play is that the amount of treasure drops from the quest is increased as compared to Solo mode.



Once Piece Thousand Storm Review Battle Single Mode

While in the Battlefield, I feel that the controls given are somewhat lacking a little. It is definitely fine if you use the Auto function where the character will just attack the enemies. However, if you were to do everything manually, for example, your Luffy would probably stand there if no enemy is in range to him. Only if you tap and move Luffy closer to 1 enemy, then will he strike the opponent down.

The game is definitely ergonomically created as a mobile game as you only require 1 hand to play this One Piece Thousand Storm.



Easy on the pocket?

I can’t really give a definite answer if the game will become pay to win, since you can actually purchase Rainbow Coins which can be used to roll for Scene Cards. You never know when a whale will come into the game. But for now I think that players who spent money on rolling good scene cards would be more of a help to you because you can use them for Group Play!


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