Plants Vs Zombies: heroes launch globally


CCGs and PvZ Fans are you ready for another adventure of the plants and zombies~
Plants Vs Zombies Heroes a brand new turn-base CCG has been launched worldwide today! The game is available on both iOS and Android.

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Plants vs Zombies Heroes will take you on the journey into the depths of collectible card games as you assemble a team of  your super-powered plants or zombies and battle against your friends or enemies. Hundreds of new and of course familiar PvZ characters will be available for you to collect as you build your super team.

You will be taking charge of the five lanes once more against your opponent with your deck this time, the game is turn-base instead of the real-time mode that PvZ usually offers. your opponent and you will get a turn each to set up your lanes and then  both your cards you summon on the field will strike simultaneously in the battle phase.

The game has arena ready for you with either casual multiplayer battle matches or ranked matches. Other than that, you will be able to venture on a single-player adventure with over 40 different levels for you to train your skills in this new CCG, and also to find new characters along the way.

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