[Pokemon Go] Buddy System Announced


We’re pretty sure you are all excited to have a Pokemon walking right beside you as you venture around the world capturing even more Pokemon!

Yes Pokemon Go has announced the Buddy System, Which enable you to choose one of your Pokemon to become your buddy which will open up unique in-game rewards and experience. The buddy Pokemon will appear beside your trainer’s avatar. As you travel along the buddy Pokemon will give you a bonus such as awarding you with items such as candy. It is very likely that this new feature will be released along with other new features in the next upcoming update.

Here’s some bonus stuff for you!

From what we know, the Buddy System is using the same server side distance calculation as the Pokemon Eggs.
You can walk the same Pokemon Buddy multiple times, but it is very likely that there could be a daily limit on the candy that you obtain from walking the the Pokemon Buddy.
There are various looks of the Buddy Pokemon ranging from Medium,big size, flying next to you or resting on your shoulder, which is pretty cool graphic-wise!

Now let us show you how the Pokemon Buddy System is going to look like!

(Source:Pokemon Go)


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