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Radiation Island

Radiation Island is an open world survival adventure game that is developed and published by Atypical Games. The game is currently made available on both Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store. The game is a Buy to play Application costing at SGD $3.99 on the Google Play Store.

The story begins from you as a part of the Philadelphia Experiment, you became stranded in a parallel alternate reality. In this alternate reality, you will be forced to survive and solve its puzzle in order to get back to the real world. This parallel universe holds a lot of new mysteries and surprises that you will encounter on your journey.

Radiation Island Gliding

Decide your own path in this environment of breathtaking beauty that was made using unreal engine 4. You will be able to explore the huge forest that is filled with dangers from wolves, bears to even mountain lions. Solve the puzzles in abandoned villages and military compounds where you might even encounter zombies! Not only are you able to walk and run in this mobile game. You will be able to swim and dive and even glide, but remember to avoid the crocodiles!

In order to survive, you must learn to hunt, fish and gather food to overcome your hunger. Mine and craft weapons, tools and even basic vehicles with the resources you gather. Are you ready for this arduous journey in the parallel universe?

Radiation Island Crafting Gamersaur

Radiation Island is not only available on mobile devices, but also on steam for PC as well.

Download Link:
Google Play Store
Apple iTunes Store

Atypical Games is a California-based company with a fresh take on publishing. Bringing the focus back to the player’s experience and the true values of game design, Atypical promises to bring to the public games of the highest quality and great value. Atypical’s developers are the makers of all Sky Gamblers™ and Battle Supremacy™ titles and are considered the premier maker of combat flight games for mobile devices.

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