Are you ready for another racing mobile game? Re-volt 3 pre-registration open


It seems to be the season of racing ain’t it? You can see the news of Asphalt Xtreme, and Gear.Club news spreading around in the past week. Well, WeGo Interactive has also opened up their pre-registration portal for Re-volt 3, the famous RC racing is back again with yet another series for the mobile platform.

Since the re-volt mobile game started their release on mobile devices in 2012, The developer has not stopped creating more series as you can see the following sequels such as Re-volt 2 in 2013 and Re-volt 2: Multiplayer 2014 hit the mobile market subsequently. And now in 2016, you can pre-register for the upcoming Re-volt 3!

Re-volt 3 gameplay.gif

As a pre-registered participant, you get to enjoy $20 worth of in-game benefits including ‘200 Gems’, ’30,000 coins’, ’30 batteries’, and ‘5 premium tickets’. Additional gems, coins, and premium tickets will be provided based on the number of likes on the Re-Volt official Facebook page.

Other than getting additional freebies when the game launches. you can also apply for its beta testing! To apply for the beta testing, you can go to this link to apply as a beta tester, and then head for the google play store to install the beta version of the game. Re-Volt 3 is expected to launch globally for Android and iOS this November.

Got your hands on the Remote control yet? I have!

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