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Smash of Dynasty

Published by Digital Galaxy  and based on the Three Kingdoms. Smash of Dynasty is a real-time Simulation mobile game. Having over 1,000,000 downloads in Asia, Digital Galaxy attaches huge importance of the whole Southeast Asia. Therefore, the mobile game will be  coming to you with a English version of the game very soon! The pre-registration is now on and can be found here. It will be available for both iOS and Android users.

The brand new general with unique skills released
As the mobile game is based on the Three Kingdoms,you will find remarkable Heroes of the Three Kingdoms.  you will also be able to find specific generals such as “Sparta” or ” Revenge Angel” in the English version. Mix and Match the different heroes to utilize their wide variety of skills and win your battles ahead!

Smash of Dynasty Heroes

Exotic army at your command
Experience the epic story of the Three Kingdoms and recruit the different army that includes the Nanman War Elephant, Sparta Champion, Japanese Ninja, Unblockable Flying Army, and many more with the varying skills.

Smash of Dynasty Barrack

Global PVP battle system
S.O.D also has the global PVP battle system where you will have to make some friends, establish and train your armies. Together as an alliance, rise to glory and bring fame to your empire.

Smash of Dynasty Resource

Pre-registration is coming
As mentioned, the pre-registration is now available in Southeast Asia, When Smash of Dynasty officially launched on the app-store, players will be able to receive their pre-registration log in reward.

Pre-registration reward


Pre-registration website:

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