Star Wars: Force Arena worldwide Release


Star Wars: Force Arena Worldwide Release

Previously known as Star Wars: Battlegrounds, Star Wars: Force Arena is now available worldwide! Published by Netmarble. You may find the Download link for this awesome mobile game right at the bottom of this article.

Force Arena is a mobile MOBA game with a slight twist of Star Wars element included (Well it’s a Star Wars game after all!). Taking on the MOBA segment in gaming, Force Arena presents to player a unique experience. MOBA has always been a game that has the typical 5 heroes and 3 lanes of towers and destruction in everyone’s mind. However, Force Arena goes on a much smaller scale by having just 1 or 2 hero depending on the gameplay mode of 1vs1 or 2vs2. The lanes are also divided into 2 lanes which will converge back to the player’s main base.
You will initially be able to choose between the dark forces or the galactic alliance heroes such as Luke Skywalk, Princess Theia  Emperor Palpatine, or Bossk and more.


How do you play Star Wars: Force Arena? The answer is pretty easy, destroy your opponent base and you win the match. What isn’t as simple is the process of doing it, you will be granted a formations of minions/troops that you can set up and upgrade. With the use of these troops you are given the fire power to destroy your opponent’s. Your opponent also have their own formation of troops to summon as well, so everything is not as simple as it seems. Plan your energy to summon troops, use the correct troops, get the correct timing to summon troops, and of course knowing when to go or retreat is part of your important plan to win the game.



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Netmarble Games is a mobile game company based in South Korea, run by more than 3,000 employees. As of November 2015, it has capitalized $9 billion of the market


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