[Starry Fantasy Online] Now released!



Starry Fantasy Online developed by IStargames has just been released this morning at GMT+8 10am.  Starry Fantasy Online is adapted from its chinese version ‘星晴online’.

Starr Fantasy Online is a 3D MMORPG about the fantasy world war based on the western mythology humans, fairies and demons where brave heroes who can save the world and preserve peace are needed.

The game features Real time PVP battle where you can team up with worldwide friends or go demon hunting with global players.

Some of the social content of this game features a personal blog where you can upload your selfie to show your own personality and also to add and send gift to your friends.


The game is also available in cross-platform, meaning you can play it on PC or on Mobile. The chat system also has a voice recording function where you can converse using the voice function instead of typing.


It is currently available on Android, try it out today!

Pre-event: here
Google Play: here
PC Client:here

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