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Super Rocketball

is a vehicular Soccer/Football mobile game that is developed by Digital Pixel Production. The mobile game is currently available on iOS and Android.

Have you seen the trailer? I am sure that you would be reminded of a PC game call the Rocket league. Well you don’t need a computer to play such game anymore, you can just download Super Rocketball on your mobile and have a great time!


The game is available for 2 – 6 players in a match. The players are then split into 2 equal teams to compete with each other in an enclosed stadium. Your objective will be to drive your vehicle and “Kick” the ball into your opponent goal. The player with the highest amount of goal scored will be the winner and the incentives will be given to the players according to how many goal they shot in and etc.

super rocketball stadium view

The game has a total of 8 different vehicles in which you can purchase to use, Other than that all rooms are hosted privately by players, therefore latency will affect your gameplay. In simpler words, choose a region that is closest to you so that you won’t lag while playing the game.
There are also 6 different stadiums in which the players can play the matches in.


The game’s control are easy, you have the directional left and right taps as well as a jump tap indicated by a forward direction arrow on your bottom left screen. On the right side, you have acceleration and reverse paddle tap as well as a nitro boosting tap.

Perhaps because i played Rocketleague before, I was disappointed that the car was not able to maintain flight when using directional taps and nitro boosting.


Playing Super Rocketball requires some technique which you will be pick up while playing the game. Such as doing a reverse shot, or nitro boosting.You may also employ other tactics such as blocking your opponent from the ball. When you have a better skills and controls, You will definitely start to win a lot more matches.

Team win in Super rocketball


Graphics and content

The Graphics of the game would be sub par as compared to Rocketleague the PC game. However the difference would come in the device that the game is played. Mobile devices currently still have its weakness in terms of technical specifications wise. Just look at the size of a computer and a mobile phone, even a graphic processing unit is bigger than a mobile phone!

super rocketball gameplay

Super Rocketball is practically the Rocketleague on mobile devices. The controls buttons available on this mobile game is pretty similar to the PC version. Not to say that this mobile game is the exact replica of Rocketleague, but the 2 game is highly similar. Since the screen of mobile devices are smaller, the accuracy between the vehicle and the ball might be reduced.

Overall I feel that this game is great if you want to play a similar game off the computer. However latency might pose to be an issue to some people. There isn’t much issue with the game-play since it is likely 90% similar to Rocket league. What the developer can improve on would be better controls fluidity, better graphical production and to implement features that are more unique to the game.

Gamersaur recommends this game to:
Rocketleague fanatics who wants to get off the PC, yet have a similar game to play while they are not by their computers. Casual players would also be part of the player base. As the game span per match is rather short (few minutes), anyone can play it on the go.


Download Links
Apple iTunes
Google Play Store


Digital Pixel Productions is an Android developer that started off with their first game (Super RocketBall – Multiplayer) in Google Play. With more than 500 thousand installs, Super RocketBall – Multiplayer is among the more popular apps in Google Play.


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