Sword of Shadows Launches globally


Immerse into the world of Wushu as Sword of Shadows delivers to you a near PC-quality 3D gaming experience on your mobile devices. Combining the elements of Age of Wushu games, the mobile games also offers some new gameplay features such as flying skills, expanded quests, guild functions and the breathtakin 3D environment on your little gadget.

Sword of Shadows takes players on a journey through the Ming Dynasty China as they hone their martial arts to become legendary warriors. The game is now available on both iOS and Android. You may find the download link at the end of this article.

Swords of Shadow Lingxiao

Choose between Wudang, Tangmen, Emei Lingxiao or Ming as you discover the journey of the ancient china world.

The Snail team has also added some refraction and displacement effects to increase the visual impact of the martial arts gameplay togive battles a more cinematic feel.  Players can also participate in martial law conquests, go hunting and fishing, and earn rewards in various casual quests.


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