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Tactic Squad: Dungeon Heroes Launch

Tactic Squad: Dungeon Heroes is a RPG that has just been launched. Published by Sway Mobile, Inc, the mobile game is currently available free to download in the Google Play Store.

Tactic Squad is a auto battler that runs through dungeon, however, to effectively get pass the monsters, you will have to strategize your team with various tactics such as Blitz, Trick, Counterattack, and more. The Tactic will complement with the characters skills in order to utilize them in battle.
In order clear this arduous journey in the dungeon, you must upgrade your heroes with equipment, Runes, and also their skills to pass through the stages swiftly. Make sure not to overlook all this as they will bring out the true potential of your heroes.

Trick Tactic Tactic Squad Dungeon heroes

The game not only display the typical 1 side battle where you will see the player’s team on 1 side, and the enemy on the other. By using the formations and tactics you will see that the heroes reacts to the formation given, such as Trick for example would bring heroes to the back line of the enemies to take out the range units. We find this feature very unique and fresh.

The dungeons that you will play through holds unique story line. To begin with, Sid, the main character, lost his friend in the dungeon and attempts to search for him. Play through the game and find out what happens.

As you advance in the game, you will unlock various activities in which you can do, such as the Boss Battle where you will have an epic battle against gigantic boss mobs. You will also be able to build a guild together with friends and other players in the game.

Features of Squad Tactic: Dungeon Heroes

● Free to play Tactics Strategy RPG
● Collect numerous heroes and create your ultimate team
● Multiple battle modes available
● Fight your way through waves of monsters in numerous dungeons
● Time your skills for the critical moments


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Google Play Store

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