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Valiant Force Arena Guide and Tips

Valiant Force has since been officially launched for a month now. Currently the game is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. On November 3, Valiant Force was also made available in Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. It is expected to launch in Taiwan and Hong Kong shortly. Followed by the North America and Europe region in 2017. You may find the Download Link of Valiant Force below.


Been on the PVE battle grids for a while now? I am sure that you have stumbled upon the Arena. The Arena is the PVP function mode of Valiant Force, where you will be pitting against various exponents that are similar to you. In this Article, you will learn the basics and some tips for your strategies in the battle field.


The Arena Concept

Arena Orb

                                 Arena Orb

Blood Tokens

                             Blood Token

The Arena is unlocked at when your account reaches level 15. Fighting in the Arena requires a special energy call the Arena Orbs which regenerates 1 orb/hour. Each Arena Battle will earn you Blood Tokens which you can use to buy Exclusive items such as the 3-star Valiant Ticket with the Arena Merchant.

Valiant Force Arena Merchant Gamersaur

        Arena Merchant

The Battle to Legend

Now, what are we fighting for in this very arena? We are not just fighting for the Weekly Rewards that is given by the Arena. There is also a Milestone Reward where you can gain the extra Blood Tokens and Gems. What are we really fighting for? The prestige to be call the Legend. That’s right, the highest rank that you can reach is call Legend. Standing at the requirement of Being the Top 1 and also to have over 5500 Victory Points.

Legend Rank

Valiant Force Arena Milestone GamersaurValiant Force Arena Weekly Rank Reward Gamersaur


Arena Mechanics

In order to win the Arena Battle against your opponent, you must score 100 points before your foe does. How do you gain points?

During each turn, you will get a +1 point for your turn. And on the battlefield there are 3 grids for you to occupy in order to obtain an additional 3 or 4 points, totaling up to 10 points per turn with all 3 grid occupied.

Valiant Force Arena Battle Grid Gamersaur

 Arena Battle Grid

Other than occupying tiles and awaiting your turn, you can also take down your opponent’s heroes. One hero is worth 15 points. If you are confident enough to kill all 5 heroes, you obtain a win regardless of how much point you have gotten. Otherwise, whoever reaches 100 points first wins.

Here is a summary on points you can obtain:

Your turn: 1 point
3 point grid( 2 on the field): 3 point each turn
4 point grid: 4 point each turn
Hero Kill: 15 point
All Heroes killed: Immediate win
Note: that points are accumulated at the start of your turn while hero kills are added immediately

All 5 of your heroes will get a turn each before refreshing to a cycle. If you have 4 heroes and your enemies have 5, they will have 5 turns per cycle, while you have 4(You will still get the +1 point 5 times in a cycle unless both of you have 4 heroes left, then it’s 4 points per cycle).


Gamersaur Little tips and tricks to Arena

Now that you know how to score a victory in the Arena. Here are some of my personal tips as a player in the game.

ALWAYS play manually in the Arena even though there is the auto function. Manual play will always allow you to follow your own moves and definitely have a higher chance of winning in the arena.

Heroes always have different Metas that will always change depending on the updates.
Metas are always ever changing, so what I can advise you is with whatever heroes you have, modify your own strategy to achieve the best standard to victory.

You are fighting against AI; AI always have a standard move. Anticipate the moves of the AI and counteract them.

Speaking about AI, you will notice that the opponent will always focus fire on one of your heroes first, usually range heroes would target the lowest HP in your team (IF I am not wrong). So make sure that hero attacks at least once before he/she dies off.

Positioning and some minor tactics is very important during the first few turns. If you think that your hero might not be able to tank well enough if they were to step on the point tiles, DON’T! You can always fire off your arrows or magic first while the AI take the first step onto the tiles and start dealing serious damage on them first. It’s 15 points per kill, so if you can take their front-liners down fast enough, it will be your advantage.

I hope this Arena Guide serves you well on your journey to bring a Legend! Do like my Facebook Page and visit my site often for more Mobile Gaming News, Reviews, Guides, and information!


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