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 Valiant Force Arena Meta

Valiant Force Arena Meta Collection

Once you have stumbled upon the Arena in Valiant Force, I am sure the next thing you would be thinking is how you can defeat your opponents in the ring and move on towards the throne of the Legend. Here are some Metas that are commonly used in the Arena by players in order to help them achieve a higher winning chance!

Defensive Meta

Arena Ultimate Defense

Known to be the shield of the team, the guardians stand tall at the front line, Mitigating collateral damages against their team. Being the ‘tank-iest’ in the game, they play a role in the Arena as well. The Defensive meta uses 3 guardians along with 2 Healer. The amount of guardian of healers is up for you to decide, you can have 3 healer and 2 guardians as well. However the former would be the most optimal choice to go along with.

By holding the arena grids over time, players can gain up to 10 points per turn, leading them to a steadfast victory.


The Grand-slinger Meta

Arena Rangers Trigger

Attack Triggering became a trend as players figured out how trigger works exactly. The most common trigger team revolves around the Rangers. Grand-ranger (Cybella) has the ability to trigger additional attack to others around his/her aura with a 95% chance with a critical hit. The same goes for Gunslinger (Kane), with a 40% trigger chance with normal attack. By placing them together where they are affected by each other’s aura. Chances are your opponent might not even have the chance to launch any attack at all


Shadow Triggers and refreshes Meta

Valiant Force Arena Shadow Build

Similar to the Grand-Slinger Meta, Magebane has the tendency to activate additional attacks for characters in its Aura at a 30% chance. Both meta can be combined together by placing the Rangers in shadow’s aura direction to generate the happy trigger effect. Your opponent might really not see tomorrow’s sunrise!

Another Shadow aura is the Refresh aura, where there is a 40% chance for characters in the range of the aura to have a refreshed turn.


Kahuna aura Trigger

Again the aura is pretty much similar to the two mentioned above, however it’s Kahuna doing the triggering this time around. Kahuna has the aura ability of triggering others in his aura to attack again when hero gets healed.


The Ultimate Swap and uncontrolled movement meta

Arena Shadow Swapper

As Arena goes, points capturing is important. Therefore, certain hero ability is helpful in capturing the points. Chaos Knight for example allows you to swap position with your opponent. Grand Ranger skill also allows you to push back an opponent. While it’s aura is triggered, the normal attack of hero in the aura also allows push-back. Witch Doctor’s Charm allows uncontrolled movement of your opponent as well, nevertheless it might backfire on you but chances of that are relatively low.


Meta are just a part of the arena

These are some of the infamous meta that players would tend to use, however meta are ever changing. New meta will definitely be formed overtime as the game traverse along with time. Meta would only work efficiently if your characters are well-geared. For example, in order for triggers to kill enemy, your attack must be high enough to deal damage. Otherwise even if you have over 10 trigger but deal 100 damage per hit, your opponent would probably wreck you in a few hits.

Things for you to take note of are your character’s equipment (Optimal at 6-star set), Runes (Optimal at 4-5 star 1 slot for double percentile stack). That being said, I hope that this Meta collection is helpful for you to gain some insights on how Heroes in Valiant Force works.


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