Valiant Force Beginner Guide


Valiant Force Beginner’s Guide

Valiant Force has since been officially launched for a month now. Currently the game is available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. On November 3, Valiant Force was also made available in Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. It is expected to launch in Taiwan and Hong Kong shortly. Followed by the North America and Europe region in 2017. You may find the Download Link of Valiant Force below.

Perhaps you are a fresh starter in the Valiant Force and do not know what to do and what to expect in the near future as you advance in the game. There are questions that you might face along the way such as how to effectively be better in Arena. What buildings you should have exactly? How you should spend your gold and what to spend on?

Today Gamersaur will bring you some insights about some of these questions.

Valiant and classes

Gamersaur Valiant Force Classes

Valiant are the strongest heroes that you will be able to get in the game. There are 6 classes of Valiant. Champion (Freya), Guardian (Darion), Shadow (Shizu), Mystic (Kiera), Healer (Lucille), and last but not least Ranger (Kane).

These 6 named Heroes are the strongest of each class that you can find in the Valiant Force, as they can be upgraded to the max amount of star value at 5 stars.
At the beginning of your tutorial, you will be able to roll a random valiant. So what you can do here to get a good start is by rerolling your valiant until you obtain an ideal choice. For example, you want a serious damaging Champion, so you can roll for Freya with Ares or Hera stats (Faith information below).

Here are some of the more favorable faiths for your rerolling:

Guardian: Kratos, Hercules, Zeus
Champions: Ares, Zeus, Hera
Shadow: Hera, Ares ,Zeus
Mystic: Athena, Hercules
Healer: Athena, Hercules
Ranger: Ares, Hera, Zeus

Since there are 6 Valiant, this also means that there are 6 classes in this game which are mentioned above. Each classes have their own unique class trees in which they can upgrade into.

Here you can see the various class tree of each classes:

Valiant Class Tree Gamersaur



Faith is what affects your Hero’s growth. Each heroes comes with a randomized faith. Although it might not affect your heroes to a great extent, it is ideal for you to get the faith that commensurate to your Heroes Classes.


Here is an example for you: Let’s say you are very unlucky and rolled a Freya with Athena Faith, that means Athena growth would expand towards Magic. And since Freya is a Champion who is a front-liner with Athena stats would affect her growth in critical rate as well as defense rating. Thus making her vulnerable and unable to unleash her max potential in damage. However, if Freya is on Ares or Hera, her Attacks and Critical would make her good as a front-liner.

Faith is just a part of your hero statistics, and does not necessarily means that they are of no use. For instance, they can be used in the near future for limit break (Increases your hero’s max level).


Equipment and Runes

Other than just Faith affecting your hero’s stats, there are also the other factors such as the Equipment and Runes.
You can equip your hero with 6 types of equipment such as Helmet, Armor, Weapon, Shield, ring, and Vanity item.

Gamersaur Valiant Force Equipment

The gears will boost your hero’s stats up a notch and certain items have a set bonus. As seen on the image on top, you are able to see that the Shield and Vanity item of the Vincent actually have the set effect of Atk + 270, Def +270, and HP+360. It is best to equip your heroes with set items as they offer such bonuses which will push them to their stats limits. Set items comes in either Set of 2 or Set of 4 so far. You will be able to upgrade them to a maximum of +15 in which random stats will be blessed upon the gear. After attaining +15, you will be able to enhance them to a tier higher (4 star -> 5 star -> 6 star).

I would personally recommend you to either get set items that are already based at 5 stars from equipment summons or IAP bundles. Or upgrade items that has set bonuses.


Runes are special stones that your character can be imbued with. A 5-star hero will have 9 slots in a 3 by 3 square to imbue the runes in. Runes also comes in starred value from 1 star to 5 star. And each rune will also be randomized with the amount of tiles that they will take up. The more tiles taken to imbued would have more stats given. For example, a rune with 1 tile and 1-star value, will have lesser value than a 2 tile 1-star value rune. The more tiles used means you will have lesser slots to put more runes into the hero’s 9 slots.

Valiant Force Runes imbue Gamersaur

Runes also have their own type and set bonuses. For example, in the image shown, you can see that this is the Attack rune set. With every 4 runes, you will be able to attain a 10% attack boost bonus. The bonus stacks with the increasing amount of rune imbued. For instance, with 8 runes you can achieve 20% bonus in attack.

I would recommend building runes with high star rating (5 star) with low tiles (1 tile), so that you are able to stack the bonus percentage.



Valiant Force not only allows you to just fight all day long, in fact you have you have to build structures as well as you go along in the game. Structures are buildings that allows you to craft equipment, or mine resources, and even boosting your hero’s stats.

You will have onlySmall Plots of Land, 3 Medium Plots of Land and 2 Large Plots of Land

Small Buildings: Gold Mine, Worker’s Hut, Farm, Iron Quarry, Wishing Well, Mercenary Camp, Strike Tower, Shield Tower, Mystic Tower, Watermill.

Medium Buildings: Alchemy Lab, Armor smith, Salvage Yard, Market P   lace, Academy, Training Camp.

Large Buildings: Weapon Forge, Fusion Altar, Gem Cavern

You might want to focus on a few buildings that are considered to be more useful since there are limited space for you to build all the structures. For example, you can build the Strike and Shield tower. These two towers will increase your hero’s stats as you upgrade them, turning them into stronger adventurers.



To end off this beginner’s guide. Valiant Force is not a game that requires your attention for just 1 or 2 days. In order to get stronger and beat your opponents in the arena, you would want to consider finishing dailies everyday (gets you free 15-25 gems) and to use up all your energies and arena energy so that they can regenerate over time. Completing trials for quests also gives you about 2-3 gems per completed trials. Grinding story quests or event quests would also let you gain fodders or equipment for you to train your heroes and to enhance your gears.

As you level up you will unlock more buildings and of course get more resources to pump your heroes up such as Strike, Shield and Mystic towers.

I hope that this guide is informative for you!

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