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As games often have what we call the IAPS, which is getting pretty common considering the trend of mobile games being F2P and using IAPs to get their profits from the consumers. So how do we actually get the IAPS Gems without paying money for it in Valiant Force? Fret not, as I will be guiding you to a path of spending no money in the game and yet be able to grab some gems pulls using the in-game gems rewards.

First of All, Gems are what we call the IAPs currency in Valiant Force. As you might not know, there are multiple ways for you to gain gems without spending a dime on it. Here’s how:


Story Quest: When you first started the game, I am pretty sure you know that when you completed story quests, you will often see a gem or 2 stacked in your mailbox. You might just be guessing it right, they come from the story quests that you do.
Each stage of the story quest have what we call ‘trials’ or in a more simple form, Stars. By completing them you will get a 1-time reward which is Gems!

Valiant Force Story Quest Trial

Daily Quests: In case you didn’t notice, there is always a daily quest for you to complete, upon completion you will be able to obtain the reward of 15 gems, more if your VIP level is higher. But since we are saying F2P, 15 gem per day is pretty good for you since its free!


Valiant Force Event Gems reward

Now Valiant Force always has new events for you, though some might be awesome, some might not. However, by using your energy on the event, you will be able to gain ‘tokens’ or ‘orbs’ for exchanging. The event items usually have 1 option for Gem exchanging. So 1 way you can obtain gems is via the events. Since nothing comes for free much, you pretty much have to grind the events to get the gems.


Wishing Well

Valiant Force Wishing Well

The Wishing well can be built once you hit Garrison Level 10. Make a wish! Every day, you will get a chance or a few to roll ‘wish’ for either 5 or 25 gems if you are lucky. Of course there are also other prizes included inside the wishing well. At Max level Wishing Well, you will have 5 chances a day. Imagine if you are lucky enough to roll 5 * 25 gems, that’s 125 gems at no cost!


Gem Cavern

Valiant Force Gem Cavern

The gem cavern can be built at Garrison level 20. Although it’s a little be far away, but with time, you will be able to have your own gem generator! At a passive rate you get +1gem/ 8 hours. You will also be able to do expedition at the Garrison for 10 gems at 100k gold too!



Valiant Force Arena

Arena gives out weekly gems to participants who reached a certain ranking. At Bronze 1, you will be able to get 30 gems, and subsequently be increased as you go up the rankings. This will definitely take a while before you can get over 100 gems from the Arena weekly. Work hard and be rewarded!

This sums up the free gems that you are able to obtain via the game without paying money for them. I Hope that this provided you an insight for the topic on Free gems in Valiant force. Till next time!



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